Cranks are shifting awaaaay.. !

Hello ! I am working on my uniflip. Like you said, first of all i have to learn 180 jump mount. For now, i can do it but i want to move along to uniflip. The biggest problem is that my pedals (cranks and pedals both) shift in other position, and i cant land on. :thinking: I thought that i do unispin+crankflip 180 then… At the beggining it seemed easy… but now i returned back to practising uniflip.

Sorry if made another thread of this topic. Im just not in mood of finding things right now…

What :thinking:

I’m with you here man I have NO idea Is to what he’s talking about.

it sounds like he’s trying to do a 180 unispin with a crankflip in it

I thouhgt it sounded like he was trying to do a hickflip but he is learning to 180 unispin and he cant crankflip either but it could mean anything.

A uniflip sounds like a ridiculous trick.

Im pretty sure by uniflip, you mean unispin.

Try doing them staticly, that way the cranks will have a very small chance of rotating during the trick.