Cranks and Tyre weight loss q's

two questions:

is there any way i can make my Monty Eagle Claw tyre lighter?

does drilling Moments compromise their strength? (for trials)

If you want to make your tire lighter you could cut off every other knob (or whatever pattern you want) End cutters work well for consistently and uniformly cutting off knobs.

KH moments are so overbuilt that most people could probably have theirs drilled without any ill effect. Drill at your own risk though, the more you drill the less bombproof they become.

so the pattern would be like:

◘ ◘ ◘
.◘ ◘
◘ ◘ ◘

instead of

◘ ◘ ◘
◘ ◘ ◘

can i just use a normal drill bit to drill moments?

you could use any bit meant for mild steel and other “soft” metals

you can do whatever you want with the tire but if I were to chop one up for weight savings I would cut off the knobs I put the green circles on.

It might just wreck the ride characteristics or it might give it slightly better grip. Wether or not it is worth the risk and effort is up to you.

so the risk with drilling the moments is worth 100 grams?

That is up to you.

you will never get the weight of these:

that are my favourite “light weight muni cranks”

I think joker had those but bend/broke 2 pairs thats why he is looking for a stronger set. :slight_smile:

ups :astonished:
i ride them just a few weeks - so i have no longer / hardcore experience…

my drilled dual moments work since two years perfect - i destroyed one KH hub and one KH titanium hub with it - so I hink they are definitly strong enough;)

Yeah, I have had ventures for a while now and they are holding up fine too.

just do like 50 on axis 180s in both crank positions, then rotate the cranks about 1/4 of the way around, and repeat again in both crank positions :slight_smile:

works for me, and makes my tire smooth, ahahaha

Haven’t read any posts, but there’s always a fixed answer:

Tyre- Cut your Eagle Claw, or wait for the NEW Try-All Light tyre… 850g only
Pedals- Echo SL TITANIUM (yep it’s lighter than the Wellgo MG-Ti) under 300g
Cranks- If you run ISIS, then get Tensiles (around 200g lighter than Moments)

These three parts are the most cost-effective, most dramatic, and important places to save weight… since they’re all to do with Rotational weight.

Turn the question around. How much is a 100g weight savings worth?

You’ll definitely get the most out of tire modification. Rotating mass yes; rotating mass farthest from the axle = most effective place to do it.

have you seen where im living? it’d cost a fortune to ship the tyre to tassie.

im getting these dude

i dont know why, i just dont trust tensiles. ive never ridden them, i only seen them, i just dont think their shape is strong. i weigh 75kg, and i just dont trust them for some reason…


cool… they definitly sound strong.

its all there really…

those pedals dont look to strong. you could try these

I might be getting some in september if I can save enough money

i sent an email asking if they would e strong enough, they sent back yes, they would be suitable for the type of riding im undertaking.

Of course THEY’RE going to say that.

Yes they would say that but make sure that when you buy them ask if you can return them if they do brake just so your not out of money on them

I’m 76kg(:p) and I ride the Tensiles, they are really strong. Yes the KH cranks looks stronger, but the Tensiles are really strong too, I’ve only bent my pedals but not my cranks. I may not have ridden then hard enough yet but they seem really strong to me. I’d rather get Tensiles instead of drilling my KH moment cranks.