I realize there has been much discussion about cranks in the past but I
need to ask…

My boys and I were skill practicing in the driveway tonight. I
concentrated on idling and hopping and was very successful by the end of
the evening. I can now hop continuously until my wind gives out (which
doesn’t take very long in most cases). Later I noticed that my right
crank was beginning to deform ever so slightly most likely due to my body
weight (285 lbs.) which I have been worrying might happen. I hop with my
right foot back on my United 24" with stock steel cranks. I’m not
concerned at all about the weight of the uni at this point, I just want
strength. Any advice on better cranks for my situation? The uni is still
very rideable but I wonder that if I continue to hop, it will be a matter
of time before it fails.

Thanks all, Bruce