Crankroll/rollfooting tips

I love watching crankroll variations. I never see any of the names of different variations of them though. I’d like to know what some of these trick are called and how to do them. Thanks.
Forrest Rackard

I don’t think that there are any real names for the tricks. You would have to ask Dan Heaton and Xavier Collos about the naming.

As for doing them? Just practice. There’s never really any good advice for any trick that will all of the sudden make you an expert on it, you just have to figure out the balance and motions on your own.

All these tricks are covered with 2 easy to remember sentences…

  1. “you know that trick heaton does where he …”


  1. “you know that trick xav does where he …”

usually followed by a lame attempt at demonstrating what you mean and “ok, imagine this foot’s still off the ground, and THEN he does another wrap into unispin into roll back to pedals or else back into sideways ww. Yeah man, I’m gonna learn that one real soon.”

Yes. That’s how I remember most of the names.

i know what you guy are saying. There is one variation that seems to be done a lot and I think there could be a name for it. My name for it would be seatwrap crankroll. It’s when the rider( with right foot forward) does a leg around with the left leg, but instead of puttin their foor back on the crank right away, they kick the tire forward, then place the foot back on the left craank. the seat is behind the rider at this point, but only for a split second. the momentum from the first kick keeps the crank rolling and to stay on, the rider picks up his right foot and completse the seat wrap. If any of you guys have seen the FROGS vid, the section with the song Sweet Home Alabama has a rider that does it. I’ve seen this same variation many times before but can’t recall where. I hope this post made sense.

Yeah, I call it the seatwrap crankroll, but it could be shortened to wrap crankroll. I joked about calling it the “craproll” if you wanted a single word for it.

I think the one that Xavier invented where he puts his foot on backwards for the second part of the seatwrap crankroll could be called the “step-around crankroll.”

I just learned that, I call it a wrap roll because its shorter than “seatwrap crankroll.”
For tips: do it down a slight hill when you are learning, when you are switching feet on the cranks take the first foot off fast or it will kind of kill your momentum.
Do you have aim or msn?

Yeah that sounds good, except for the craproll. haha

I will continue to use “craproll” thank you very much. :smiley: