crankroll question

I am having trouble learning crankroll. My problem is, how do you push your foot so far? You can’t possible push it 180 degress (1/2 the tires circumference)
So, after you done pushing the tire, do you let the tire just roll. In other words, after the push with your foot, do you let the tire keep rolling until the crank has gone 180 degrees?

Sorry, I used the search and found three threads, it’s just they’re very old.

Think about standing on the nub of the crank. It helps me alot to think about keeping my weight centered over the hub. If you lean back the uni will roll faster, if you lean forward it will roll slower. Also how hard you kick will change how quick the uni moves and where your weight ends up.

So maybe if the uni isnt rolling enough kick harder or keep your weight a little further back.

Try it on a slightly downhill slanted surface to help with the roll.

Note that your whole body has to move forward when the wheel moves forward, otherwise the wheel will just roll away under you and you fall of backwards.