Crankroll mount?

I’d assume this is how you’d actually learn to Crankroll, like Dan does in his Defect section, but since I’ve not seen it before I thought I’d post it up here.

Video (DivX)
(Sorry about crappy quality, the light level was poor and I had to digitally enhance the footage to get it light enough to actually see whats going on)

Basically I started with my cranks in the reverse position to how they would usually be when mounting, I put my foot on the right hand crank-axle join, and push off the floor, rolling the crank under my foot with the seat out in front. The crank rotates 180 degrees and ends in a ‘standing on the crank’ postion, just like when learning unispins. You then simply place the other foot on the other crank to stabilise yourself, and I pop the seat in and transfer to pedals.

Pretty easy, I learnt it in about 20 minutes, spread over 2 weeks (I usually stick at something till I’ve done it once, move on to something else, then come back to it after a week or so. I find I’ve learnt how to do it without practising inbetween :p).


Looks good, man!

Don’t know if it’s new or not tho.

It’s that kind of trick where you have to see it a few times to see what’s being done, well I did anyway!

In that respect it would look even better when done whilst out and about.


Well Ive done it many times and I learned it liek a few months ago…But noone has said anythign so you can take credit for it if it gets popular…I think…But I use normal footing then ride away goofy footed…

my friend colin and i can both do that,
after we learned how to do that, we tried to but our second foot on the crank-axle, lift your first foot off, roll another half rev, and put your foot bak on. i got it a couple of times, its fun when u get it right

nice, but what’s even more interesting is what the people in the background are doing. What is it exactly? they’re hitting things with sticks or something, it’s weird…

I do the crank roll move its fun. It really didnt take long to learn.

Try doing it backwards. It needs a push on the wheel.

My guess, and from what I can tell, he’s unicycling at a juggling club or something because I’m pretty sure that’s a diabolo in the background.

Yeah the video was shot in the Bar area of the Students Union nightclub that we use to host the University Circus Society. Right as the video starts you can see a Diablo bounce off the front of the bar on the right, and the guy walks up and whip-retrieves it from the floor. You can also see Sena, the Circsoc president (leftmost guy of the 3 in the background), spinning his diablo up to speed during the clip. They were working on a routine for the Electronics & Computer Sciece Christmas Ball, which Circsoc were performing at.

I’ll work on advancing my rolls somewhat, see if I can get more than a half-rev before starting to hop, and stuff like that.


Yeah, that mount has been thought of before, a few months ago im sure. Tony Melton has perfected ‘crankroll riding’ (basically riding without pedals)