cranklfips=pain ?

that was specific…

i dont know if people dont like you maximum, or if its just like 2 or 3 people or something. either way keep your head up man its just rep, and most of the people shellin it out cant even wheel walk. ha

When i first started working on them i was using my semcycle XL 20" and when ever i tried them it knocked my pedals loose. I have gotten pretty close to landing one on my onza trials and it is alot easier because the onza has a handle in front (unlike the sem seat) making it easier to jump higher. What freestyle are you using? Had any problems with the uni when trying it?

meh… I dont rlly worry… hlaf of the ppl who dont like me are 45 uni and never got laid…

and ok ill explain ind etial how to flip: you roll, staqnd up as you jump kick your pedal down and suck your foot in then as soon as you flip is alsmot done bring ur feets back down and catch the pedals. try and not lean any way and keep over the uni. at the begining my uni kept on going fowards because I wasent keeping it under me… you can try pedaling fast beofre you spin as well that helped me…

i tried once after a saw defect, and it put me back in my place. I still try from time to time, except with the fact that i wear shin guards. :smiley:
having pinned pedals didn’t help much either if you catch my drift…

it looks as if in defect when he crakflips it’s like he coasts in the air, he just takes his feet of the pedals sorta… i dunno if that works in reality, but it’s worth seeing it…

it just takes a bit of practice… I started with the half flip like spencer does… then went to the full crankflips…

and I honestly think that 360 unispins are harder then crankflips

Yeah, i learned full ones too.
The way i do it is I ride slow then quickly speed up and put all your weight on the foot that is going to do the flipping. Then when you hop up suck your non flipping foot up high to get it out of the way to make sure none of the pressure is lost when you hop. So hop and suck up your foot and push down really hard with the flipping foot. The rest is just learning how hard to kick it and getting your timing down.

very good explaination sir

back to the original problem, maxisback your seat might be tilled to much to the front os you’ll hang your crotch up on it more so try tilting it back if thats the cause

nope I am fine now… I just needed to get back into em…

i still can’t do 180’s with much success. i landed one once. and i’m still practicing, and that i think was sheer luck.

180’s ? half crankflips ? 180 hoptwist ? 180 unispin or 180+flip ?

Is the onza also easier because the tire has much more spring to it so you can jump higher? That’s why I think a trials uni would be easier than a freestyle. I’m trying to use a Wygonowski frame with a tire that has a pressure of 80-90psi meaning there’s not much bounce/spring to it. Thanks for all the hints so far, still haven’t searched the forums yet for more help…but will when I find the time.

When i flip, I dont use any tire compression. Its not like trials where you prehop to get hight. With flips you dont really need to hop that high, I definately dont hop higher that 10 inches its probably around 6" or so. Its more about the technique, the wheel spins pretty fast so its not like you need huge air to do it.

I don’t jump very high while doing them either. Here is a small clip of one. In slow motion too.


juggle what size cranks are those ?, I do not jump high either I just suck my foot in

They are 140’s, KH/Onza 05 cranks. Onza 05.

It doesn’t matter on height. You could jump 1 inch if you could spin em EXTREMEMLY fast.


yes I guess… and your 140"s must make it easyer… not that Im saying you could not do it on 170’s… cauz the greatest fliper of us all does it all on 170’s… lol but yea 140 have to make it spin faster