cranklfips=pain ?

Hey all I dint uni for 1 week and now I am riding… so I been doing crankflips today and its killing my private parts … any suggesitons ?

give up. its not worth it. just quit.

is your seat too high?

my seat is actually really low… and no not give up…I can land em… it’s just sometimes I hurt my nuts… lollll I dono what’s going on lol

Maybe you should raise your seat. If your seat is higher, your crotch will be more likely to stay against the seat, and you probably won’t crunch yourself as much.

that might be smart

i dont have anything more on the crankflips bit, but i noticed max gets bad rep on everything he posts. what is that?

What’s more difficult to land, your first crankflip, or your first 360 unispin?

there were past, um… issues with max that have led people to not like max here very much…

i personally don’t mind him. he’s a nice guy.

I have never gotten hurt that way trying to flip. Sometimes i completly miss the pedals but only my butt lands on the seat and i end up bouncing off.

wear padded cycle shorts. they prevent dangleness, thus reducing the number of times you go crunch in the wrong places.

I would say crankflip definitely. I got a 360 unispin after a day or two of practise but after months of sporadic practising I’m only close to crankflips. That seems to be the case for most too.


For about a week and a half i could do crankflips (i cant anymore and i dont know why) and I have never been able to do 360 unispins. I agree that actually getting the flip is alot harder than spinning the uni but i have never been able to land a 360 unispin. I have probably practiced flips more though and i am probably just weird so I think for most a crankflip would be harder.

I actaully had a hardtime on unispin… yea everyone gives me bad rep… I dont care they are all $#%#?$%?$ fuck*** fa****… an dI actaully dont evne know what rep is haha. So yea… I dono what’s going on with my flips yesturday was the first tmethat happend to me and it’s very unpleasent.


Yeah I was wondering why you had that red box under your name. now i know.

what does the red box mean ?

the red box means maxisback can only hope to improve

yea I c… ppl do not like me

So what’s the trick to learning a crank flip?? I started to learn them the othe day and couldn’t even get close. I’ll search the forums for advice but if you have any quick responses it’d be appreciated. Thanks.

Note-I’m trying it on a freestyle uni but might have come to conclusion that a trails would help out A LOT and be 10 times easier! Ideas?

just spin and jump