Cranklength for 24" street uni?

Hey everyone. Just wondering what cranklength is good for a 24" street uni, I use 125’s on my 20" if that helps. Also what do you think of these cranks for muni/street
with a koxx hub?

What hub do you have?

I have 165mm on my onza muni, and they feel really long for street riding… Would go for 150mm if it were for free :wink:

Too bad i allready have an trial/street uni that i love :wink:

I wouldn’t go with the flatland specific cranks, but they would probably work. How do you intend to get them on your hub?

I use the QuAx 114s on my 24" LX and like them a lot, but I like some speed.


I’m going to just have my pedals welded to the top of the axles for optimum speed! I mean, comon, just take it to the max and get it overwith!:smiley:

Those cranks would work on a Koxx hub, but you could definitely find something that short in a different crank that will be better for cheaper. There you are paying for overpriced cranks, an overpriced bottom bracket you don’t need and an overpriced dead cog you don’t need.