Ok ive been practicing and im having problems i cant get the snap then in a thread i read i need to pedal faster ans the i tried that but i cant tell if im getting spin from falling of or im actually doing it im trying to learn zeroplant so please post tips also if needed ill post a vid on me doing it tommorow

If that’s how you talk, you’re probably too out of breath to do crankflips.

Geez, use some punctuation. It’s your friend.

man… the forum is already fully of all kind of information about crankflips…

iam sure that your question is already aswered on a previous thread.

use the search
look for crankflips and shaun johanenson crankflip tutorial

thats it

ok i stil cant get it ive watched shauns vid 100 million times so im gonna post a vid and yall tell me if im doing the snap right

i like to unicycle. it is fun. i really really like it and i like it! sunday is a good day to unicycle becasue it is the day of the lord. super! doritos are delicious in my tummy especially on the day of the lord. intanginable zerconium fruit

amen packer. amen indeed.

lean forward, apply a lot of pressure to your front foot, when you jump into the air keep that pressure applied as you’re leaving the ground. when you get into the air kick down and out with the front foot and be sure to stay above the uni, remember jump UP not OUT