Yes this is a dumb thread but I learned crankflips.


It feels good when you first land a new trick, makes ya wanna scream it to the world huh?:wink:

Now work on doing them off sets, and start adding on the combos =p

acctually i did the worm when i did it. lol


hey sweet man!!! too bad i didnt see any

your gonna teach me next time we ride! even if its all we do, ur gonna do it. has gilby come any closer?

once u get it once is it easy?? cuz that is how some tricks are, kinda like uni spins.

it takes a little while to get them consistent but then there easy.

nice work on the flip john. forward flip im guessing?

it better be forward! he better not have learned backward allready!

Backflips are easier than fronts for people who have their dominant foot in the back when they hop. Well most probably.

well for me it seems alot harder to backflip than frontflip, my pushing foot for frontflips(un dominant) has more power than my dominant for backs

congrats man. i learnt to crankflip this week too. they are pretty easy on flat once you get the hang of them. i landed a few down a three-set today (plus lots of half-flips and pleanty of bails).

What is the largest stairset anyone has fliped?


Shaun has done it down an 8.

Hmm, that kind of makes me sad. I have been crankflipping for a while and I just recently landed one down a 3 set and it took me a really long time to land it.

Dont be sad, atleast you dont go through seatposts daily… (I havent in a while)


whoo!! i landed a half flip today… how do i get the wheel to spin super fast??

i’m so jealous. i can’t get crankfips or WW and i’ve put in over 20 hours practice each in the past month. i can’t even get the start of a crankflip. josemono es muy triste :frowning:

Irvinger, put more weight on the front foot, ride slow concentrate and step on the front foot.


Congrats Jon!! That’s awesome but you know you have to teach me now, righ?! Looking forward to seeing some…