Crankflips and the rest

I recently saw the flip tricks vid and it inspired me to try crankflips but all ive done so far is hurt myself even with my 661’s. Im sure theres probably been some tips given already but if any one could give me a link to them or tips that would be great

Cheers Lucas

Hey Lucas. Crankflips are probably one of the best street tricks you can learn because they lead to so many new things. Here is an article that Shaun wrote. GO here…

then go to street skills and then crankflips. It pretty much sums it all up.
Just try to keep the unicycle under you and don’t get intimidated.

If you need to know more, just ask.


is it easier to do with seat in or seat out??

Seat in…I have never heard of any one learning em seat out. Though many, including myself, done them before.


Thanks lads
I tried it again today still super scary

Actually, I learned crankflips seat out because I was scared of nutting myself. Sorta wierd, eh? But after I learned the regular ones I found they are much easier and now I use them much more often. I think now that it would have been better to learn them seat in, because it was difficult making the transition from the seat out version to seat in.

Just lower your seat so you can’t nut yourself, thats what I did.

now this isn’t a your short joke but seriously how low did you have to make your seat spencer

Haha, umm all the way down. Maybe a couple of inches of seat post showing but not much. I used to ride my uni like that all the time just because I liked how it felt. For a while when I had my first summit I had the seat touching the neck with no post at all showing. Now I am doing alot me seat in front stuff so I have it higher.