crankflips and rolls help!!!

i’ve been riding for 7 months and i LOVE riding! im currently stuck on crankflips and rolls. any specific tips for either? ie things you noticed that helped or whatev. im 6 ft tall and i ride a koxx one alien backflip w/ k1 street cranks. i am used to riding pretty low, but today i just raised my seat and i think that’ll help. thankz!

Practice :wink:

Haha, not much else I can really say, sorry! My crankflips are pretty shoddy, I can get the flip but can’t land it…I’m finding it helps to lean over some more and apply pressure to the font pedal and flicking outwards, not down. But yeah, keep in mind I can’t actually flip so that advice may be not be the best.

For rolls, I find shoes with fairly solid soles help.

crankflip tutorial

thanks soo much!!! i will work on it some more. i guess i’ve been flipping it too hard!

i liked that tutorial :slight_smile: but i can rev flip easily. but when i go to crankflip, my feet dont wanna come off the pedals. how do you get your feet to come off the pedals…

i would recommend learning the zero flip( foot plant crank flip) helped me alot learn the flip with out really having to commit. practice that till you are confertable with the flip the just go for, but remember to stay above the unicycle at first for me the unicycle always went out in front of me so i had to jump a little bit forward to compensate. the foot plant also help me learn the hick flip double flip and trey.

my right foot always fails to return to the pedals, its the foot i use to flip and i guess im flipping to hard since my foot is way out there. i notice it helps to think: “up, down” which is short for “jump up and once im off the pedals push my feet STRAIGHT down” idk. i haven’t landed any crankflips, but i’ve stuck them a few times

proud to finally say i can do both crankflips and rolling wraps after two months of dedicated unicycling in the cold snowy weather! :slight_smile: hahaha bring it on mother nature! can’t stop this maniac :smiley: