how do i do a crank flip??

this ones pretty good, although i havent gone out and tried it yet.

I’m terrible with those. I don’t even really understand how to kick the crank. Every time I try to do it, the crank slowly spins maybe half way around. Do you hop first and actually kick the pedal in the air, or is it more of applying pressure and then releasing as you jump. I watched Shaun’s tutorial (many times, and with plenty of envy, hehe) and it made sense, but I can’t seem to get the mechanics of it when I try to do one. Any insight people can give would be appreciated.

yah i just can’t get my feet back on to the pedals. boy are my shins scraped up.

I can’t get crankflips… it’s a problem with the mechanics of it, I know how to do them I just can’t get the spin right, I’ve almost got backflips though… soooo… yeah…

Lots of arm pressure, lots of pressure on that one foot, and overkick it.

Flipping the cranks shouldnt actually be too hard. If your not riding and jsut push the cranks around, its almsot like that.

I’ve only ever ateemped step 2 in shauns tutorial once and guess waht happened? I almost split my head open. I don’t know if im meant to jump onto the object or hop up or to just step onto it. I tried it with a chair as soon as my foot left the pedal i fell smackdown into the concrete and it hurt! so do you hop just step off or jump of the uni? and do you kick the cranks when your up there?