kk, im been working on gliding and crankflip latly, i can do a single footplant crankflip, and sometimes a double, but i dont see how your supposed to jump straight up, i know your supposed to keep your hand straight,but i cant get high enough and enough spin, when i try to get a high jump, i dont spin the cranks, but when i focus on spinning the cranks, i do it but cant keep them right under me.

I see how your supposed to get the flipping like motion before you jump, i only get it half the time, i thought i was using the wheel, but turned out i was doing it right, im just confused, anyone have any tips? i just dont know whtever i do I just cant do it, plus my uni broke yesterday, but im getting the DX, tomarrow so yea.

try jumping and putting a lot of pressure on the cranks, then slide your foot off the back pedal, that should flip it

I was doing this last night. I was going for crankflips but wasnt leaning forward enough. The uni would end up going a little bit in front of me and I would land them one footed.

Actually, it was rather cool to land them one footed and then keep riding. Am I the first to do that as a trick? :roll_eyes:

But try to lean more over than your seat than usuall, if you lean to far forwards, when you jump, your gonna fly forwards and your uni will shoot behind you, lean too back and the opposite happens. There is a happy medium where you end up jumping right over your uni, and then landing that way.

There’s kind of a big chance of racking yourself though, so you may be scared of that and not committing to landing right over your uni.

Yeah it’s an awesome trick. In Vener Xav does it up a 2set and also a 180flip into backwards one footed riding.

Ah, beaten!!!

Well, its still fun to do. I am going unicycling the day after Christmas, so I am gonna try landing them one-footed, but with my foot fully extended to the front. Just to exaggerate the trick. Should look better too. lol

In the end of Cody’s koxx breaker vid he does a flip to one foot on top of a table then he jumps down to the bench and 540 unispins off. Its a cool line.