Hey on shauns crankflip, I dont know if i do the zero plant right. I can get it to where i can Do a triple and land it everytime, landing on one foot and all that, but when he goes to step two, is it natural not to be able to do it right away, because i get one really slow crank when i go to do a footplant crank flip. I dont know, i dont think i am using the wheel but im not sure. You guys/girls have any tips on how to spin the cranks while jumping, ive watched his video a hundred or more times. :thinking:

No other advice other than just practice really - you’ll get it eventually :slight_smile: . Though I’m surprised you do triples on zeros and then nothing in footplants - are you sure you’re not camping when you’re landing triples on zero plants?

yea im sure, i can only get a single on a footplant crank flip, kk well ill keep on workin.

IF you can, record a clip of you doing the foot plant and zeroplant and we can see what you are doing better. =p

Other than that, I think you are so used to zeros, where you just have to jump one foot to the ground then hop off, that it feels weird to actually jump onto an object to do a foot plant.

Try to find a staircase or a non-busy street and use a curb to footplant onto.

Once you are used to actually jumping off and doing a footplant and getting a flip in with the tiny curbs and steps, then try doing it off benches and higher objects.

Thx, ill work on it, then ill try to get a movie on, though, it will take me all night to charge it, then im pretty busy tomarrow, so maby ill be able to post one tomarrow night, random thought…i just got really close to getting a 360 uni spin mount lol. cant wait to get 360 uni spin!!! thx

What’s a crankflip?

p.s. Did you know this P.s. is in the wrong spot?

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. That’s better.

p.s.s. I’m really bored right now.

go ride your unicycle
jump off
land back on w/o hitting the ground… it should happen automatically for you