hey this is forrest rackard i was wondering if any body had any tips on the crankflip besides shauns video. its helped me a little bit but i need to know how to kick the cranks harder. i also feel like im not doin it correctly( the kick)
any suggestions?

Can you do doubles and triples on the zero plants yet?

Being able to do those will help you a lot with a regular crankflip.

BEsides that, just keep practicing.

double and triple zero plants might help for some people but i think they are harder then crankflips (i can do single flips and double flips but i cant even do single zero plants :roll_eyes: ).

Crankflips are one of the tricks were you can really only get so much advice. Alot of it is practicing so your body can figure out the motions. Shaun’s tutorial is probably about as you good as your going to get. Although concentrating on removing your non-flipping foot from the pedal as you flip might also help, and dont kick down, but kick down, out, and back.

If you have a camera, try to post a video of a few of your attempts as it will be easier to tell what the problem is.

Hope that helped some.

I can do doubles sometimes but I dont feel that i can do it fast enough other times. i guess its just practice

Thats the oppesite for me, I can do zero plants easily, off edges and whatnot, I need to try one into a grind. But, the crankflips are harder to me.

this is my friend forrest everyone jsut so ya know. hes progressing like crazy. he landed a 360 unispin already so hes not just some new guy. hes also got a brother named gaston who also landed a 360 unispin. anyways welcome man.

Dang I read the first part of that and I’m like can’t you tell that’s a different forrest? then I read the rest. Haha that’s awsome, it’s annoying when people learn so fast. :slight_smile: