I’ve practised for a while now and i can only get the spin about 90 degrees!

Any helpfull tips? :slight_smile:

Im with you. I keep trying. I think its more fear than anything because of where you could land… But how do you flip the pedals?

I cant do them is well, but you have to take your back foot of so your front foot has more force to push it down and make it spin.

Also for alot of tricks just commit to them and you will land them :smiley:

There’s a lot of crankflip thereds is well

if your cranks spins very slow try to loosen up the rim a bit i think that would help

Don’t kick down, kick out to the side with your front foot. The motion is like a kickflip, if you’ve ever tried one on a skateboard.

Hmmm, whatever works for you, but I personally think it’s better to kick up, if that makes any sense. I have the front of my foot, just behind the toes, on the center of the front, flipping pedal, and then snap the front of my foot down while moving my legs/feet up out of the way. But really it just comes down to practice.

Also it might help a little if you get the unicycle off the ground while sitting on it, i.e. sitting on a ledge with your feet & unicycle dangling off it, but still holding it how you’d ride, and practice the flip and catch in the air. (again if that made any sense :o) Maybe one of these day’s I’ll make a tutorial to show what I mean here, although my flips have gotten quite sketchy/1-foot-rev-y lately so i’d have to clean them up before then.

And another thing, some people will probably recommend learning zero plants first, but I don’t think that’s really necessary; practice would be better spent focusing on getting the actual flip imo.

One last tip: Commit!!! Stay over the unicycle if you want to land it.

I’ve been told zero plants dont help at all, and that they are easyer to do once learnt the crankflip first.

zero plants havent helped me.

ive nearly landed a crankflip then i sprained my ankle doing a unispin :angry:

one thing i know is when jumping lean forwards.

Isnt lean over the uni???

ride at a smooth pace, not to fast not too slow. right before your pedals reach your desired hopping position lean forward and put a lot of your weight onto your front foot. jump straight up and as you do allow the weight to keep pushing down on your front foot and start to kick the pedal down, as you get into the air kick out away from the pedal and lift your feet up. now you have to stay above the uni and wait for the cranks to come around. spot the cranks and attempt to land it. landing it really take balls, but actually making the flip has a lot more to do with weight distribution before the flip than it does kicking the cranks.

I’m not going to open a new thread because this one is just ok for me. I’m learning crankflip for a long time with my KH20’’, but i stopped learning it for a while because i generally ride MUNI. Today i started again and i can already do the pland zero (singles, doubles,… eaven tripples) but i can’t land the crank flip. I think I don’t lean forward enough but if I will, I’m afraid I’ll break my balls if i miss the cranks. Did any1 have/had the same problem like me?
Well, I did a short video so you can see how i do the pland zero and the ‘‘crank flip’’. Please give me some advise how to make it easier. :slight_smile:

stay over the unicycle, its a lot different then a zero plant. jump up, not off.

Just commit, after breaking the ice and committing, things become A LOT easier. try to get pumped for it.

Yes you were right. I stayed over the unicycle and i just landed it after 30min of trying. Awesome!
Here is the video: :D:D

Yeah! i’m so afraid to break my balls that i dont trying to land them

Yesterday i breaked them and it was hurting for an hour!

Ouch…! That had to hurt… I was afraid to break my balls to but i never did - yet… :roll_eyes: