I landed a crankflip !! :smiley: :smiley:

cool, looks good

what song is that?

Thats a flogging molly song. Any ways back to the crankflip… Try to not follow the cranks with your pedals and do more of a whip with your feet outwards. It makes them look really really good.

Yea it almost looks like a rev but you take your feet off a tiny bit. Still great job. I don’t have the guts to try and land one yet, but I haven’t tried much

great job, keep it up.

if you don’t mind me asking, what helped you the most. Was it shauns tutorial, sucking it up and going for it, what?

Nice. They’re so easy once you learn them ae? The day after I learnt them I was that consistent as well. Your flips look a bit like one footed revs but I don’t think it matters, so do mine sometimes. If you try and jump a bit higher and lift your kicking foot up a lot and to the side after kicking then they look less like one footed revs.

Staying over the unicycle and committing are the most important things. Other than that try and jump high as well as kicking hard enough.

nice jobb

they look great and his feet are like 3inchs off the pedals…

I was wondering. Just how much harder are crankflips then no footers?

I hate the way crankflips look when people first learn them, but they’re still impressive. I’m trying to make mine look fundamental before I land my first one. I’ve been lifting my feet off of the pedals as high as I can. Great job though bro. Definately looking forward to you landing some hicks and stuff.

And Michael, I would say they aren’t harder than one footers, but they are more intimidating. I have yet to land a crankflip, but no footers aren’t a problem.

lol. Land a crankflip, then worry about how it looks.

And a crankflip is obviously much harder than a no footer.

thx for comments :smiley:
I know, my crankflip isn’t perfect yet…:wink: but I will practise on it :slight_smile:

Well I can do a rolling no footer and actually get some length in the jump but can’t crankflip at all really