Crankflip Tutorial

I uploaded Shauns crankflip tutorial to Youtube if anyone needs it. :smiley:

Thanks a lot man. Upon trying to create a professional image for myself I deleted a few important videos that I should have kept. I appreciate you saving it and reuploading it to correct a very idiotic mistake on my part.

-Shaun Johanneson

Sweet I was wondering where it went Shaun…Thanks for the great tutorial Shaun again. :slight_smile:


being able to land both crank flips and double flips(forward and back) i can’t see this methodology of learning to be very easy. i have taught at least four other people to crank flip and this method seems drawn out and convoluted, to the point of making the trick more difficult. i don’t think zero plants or footplants really help a person to learn. all you really have to do is teach yourself to spin the cranks, and control your fear and stay over the uni.

perhaps this may help people, but to me it seems far more difficult.

question: is this how you learned to land them shaun?

Well the zero plants, in my opinion help learn to spin the cranks, and help with timing. So…

I thought the zero plant got me the spin but the zero plant made it seem like it would let my arm out.

Let’s just say we are lucky you are not teaching anyone anything yunisyko. What I see from your point of view is to just tell them to do it. That is probably the worst way of teaching someone. When some one wants to hit a rail for their first time I just don’t tell them to do it. I tell them everything that they should concentrate on, tell them the most important one to prevent a bad fall, and let them take it from there. The flip tutorial is broken down so one can learn how to just “spin the cranks” and “control their fear” in easy segmented, confident raising steps. I’ve had a lot of success with it with other people. And no I didn’t learn it like this. When I learned this trick there was only one other person flipping forward, a zeroplant wasn’t ever done, and a footplant crankflip wasn’t really anything anyone did. So the learning curve was “just do it”, that’s why it took so long for people to learn. Afterwards, teaching came into play, and boom, the crankflip took off.

-Shaun Johanneson

I’m having a little trouble doing casual 18 sets, any tips?

When is the rail tutorial video coming out?

but on a more serious note… im having trouble with 6 sets. ne tips on that one? i can go the distance but its hard to land them while absorbing the shock of the drop.

hmmm… i’m a pretty big fan of just sucking it up and doing it…most of the time, a person understands how to land the trick, adn they just need to get over the fear of falling.
and for the record i have taught a ton of people a bunch of moves, and have had quite a bit of success…there are some things that cannot be taught, but must be learned by trial and error.
also, it has to do with the way a person learns. i, for one, figure that if i mess up enough times i will eventually get it. and it has worked.
a lot of people want somebody to tell them every little step and technique, but usually it just comes down to overcoming your mental barriers.
and hitting a rail is mainly balls…

No problem, I just thought it was a great tutorial they can help people… I still cant do it though… :smiley:
Im way to scared to pull my back foot off the pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

Breaking new tricks and new ideas down into small handlaeable parts is a very important teaching technique. It goes far beyong unicycling and is how humans learn things.

Say yer in 3rd grade and I hand you a book on greek philosophers. It is not going to make much sence to you. You cant just get over your fear and expect to learn anything from that book. We start with simple kids books and easy ideas. As we get better at taking abstract thoughts and complex writtings we can start to move onto bigger things.

Progression is an important thing in the learning process, 'specialy with skill and balance realated things. Everyone learns differently, some people need to see it, some hear about it, some need only to think about it, and others may need get a feel for it. Shauns vid gives a bit for everykind of learner, as they progress at thier own pace.

When you break down a skill like a crankflip into parts that on their own are easier than the actually flip, you are creating small steps for the person to work on WHILE they overcome thier mental barriers. Not only this but you are giving the see-ers hear-ers think-ers and feel-ers something to work on. Its easier to get past your mental blocks why you are accomplishing something, even if some people think its pointless.

Sure learning a crankflip can be as easy as just doing it, but you gotta stop hatting on a system that works and has worked for many. Just because you dont use it dosnt mean its not very usefull tool in the progression thruogh a crankflip.

yunisyko, its like unispin, you dont learn 540’s before 180’s…there are steps, im not super keen on the tutorial either but its worked for many people. I think the zero plant teaches you the wrong way to spin the cranks [letting the wheel roll out to get the spin] but the footplant really helps as far as fear go’s…then once you get over the fear you can just go for it.

Yes all practice is trial and error, but you can get rid of a lot of error but telling them almost everything they need to know about the form. Not just “hey go for it”. (Hey two people posted before me, so this is just kind of a continueing, thank you guys above me) Also rails are not even close to just all balls. Maybe on like 4 or 5 sets. But when you start getting to 11-16 sets there is a lot more to it. You’ll find that out later though. Don’t agrue against a person who has been doing it a lot longer than you. I know what works and what doesn’t, I also understand that everyone is different, and though no person will use what I give to a “T” i’ll lay it down so it covers everyone in a way where it will atleast help. Take my info or leave it, but don’t insult it, you have no place there. Best to keep negitive things to yourself. Or as your mother probably has said, “If you don’t have anything else to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Nice little vainity comment here too.

Is this ment to make you seem credeable with the subject. Let your vids do the talking.

-Shaun Johanneson

hmm, i believe my meaning has now been distorted…i mean not to insult your methodology. disagreement doesn’t have to be insulting. i apologise for my rudeness, but, i am very straight foward, and i have a habit(for better or worse) of telling people whats on my mind.

dude don’t worry about it, i don’t think you were being a jerk about it, and i dont think anyone else thinks that either…i just think that sometime you gotta be a little more tactfull about it, I REALLY need to work on that myself:o

guys, I have learn crankflip and this tutorial helped me a lot, so thanks Shaun.

nice video, im gonna go out and try to learn a crankflip in a little bit

Is it just me or does this come across as more then a little pompous and holier-then-thou?
Also, if you’re going to be so negative at least have the good manners to check your spelling and grammar.

And speaking of Vanity…