Crankflip tricks

Okay, so I was trying those elusive crankflips the other night with Pete66 (still haven’t landed one, my left foot doesn’t like to leave the pedals)

We had this random idea, you know how inline skaters do crazy ankle grabs with both knees tucked up and all that, well what about doing that kind of stuff while crankflipping? I’m not sure if it’s really doable, or if it’ll look cool, but it could be a thing for Shaun and you other crankflippers to try…if you want.

I also reckon (mildly impossible) a double treyflip (720 unispin doubleflip) would be sick. But yeah. What do you guys think?

go the heel-clicker crankflip down the 12-set :sunglasses:

while on the topic of grabs and heel clickers, i wonder, if it would be possible to hop down a set and pull the uni out from inbetween ur legs and then put it back in, kind of like a nothing! coz nothing but ur one hand is touching the uni… it would be hard i think but do-able with practice

wouldent that just be a no footer

no i mean, like pull it out from under u, and push it infront of u (no footers are just lifting ur feet off the pedals!!

wen i imagine the trick im talkin about, it reminds me of a superman!!

Like a superman seatgrab, lol. I think it’d be pretty hard to make it look cool. It’d be doable, but you’d have to really get the uni away from you to make it look decent, and uni’s don’t really have the potential to get the airtime for it.