Crankflip Problem

When I do zero-plants I flip the cranks with my left foot. But when I try to crankflip I can’t because I do a rolling hop and position my cranks so that the left crank is facing backwards because that is my main dominance. I push down on my left foot to bring me up into that position but I can’t kick the crank backwards because thats doing it reverse.

And if I try kicking the crank with my right foot with a zero plant, I just can’t and it doesn’t feel rite.


That’s an interesting problem you have there. You’re gonna have to work through it otherwise landing them might be more difficult… unless you would be doing 1.5 rotations in your flip in order to land it in your jumping platform. I think you should skip the zero plant part and work on dominance issues. Also, does “I push down on my left foot to bring me up into that position” mean that you mount into your jumping platform (in your case left foot back), or do you mount with your other foot and then roll half a turn to get into position? I do the latter, and I think that would make zero plants harder because you don’t want to jump off the uni onto your weaker leg.

That was a mistake on your part. In knowing that your dominant foot is your right foot, you should have taken the time to learn zero plants that way. Anxiety sometimes gets the best of us and we want to learn tricks quicker when they are easier, but if it jepardizes what you want to learn in the future, then it isn’t worth it in my oppinion.
Work on zero plants with your right foot forward,and good luck!

OK, I guess the only thing I can do is to…either skip zero plants or practice them with my right foot kicking.

I dont think zeroplants helped at all for crankflip, neither did crankflip plants.
But now that i can crankflip i find it easy to do double zeroplants and footplant flips.
Maybe because i never did doubleflip plants they never helped though.