Crankflip movie...Advise/ Help needed

So I have been able to do half flips for like forever and I still dont know how to get it around all the way…so i decided to make a movie and ask for help.:smiley:

Most of it was filmed today except for the stuff where im wearing an orange shirt. The stuff thats not crankflips is just filler because i wanted it longer:) Only half is crankflips and the other half is just random stuff i decided to put in.

Dont even comment about the music, I ran out of stuff to use so i just randomly picked one of the sample songs that came with my computer. Its not that terrible but i dont like it.
Here is the link:

nice movie… yeah for your crankflips maybe try and kicking it down harder and if you just cand do that maybe shorter cranks would help… plastic pedals help spining faster too… nice 180 half crankflip over that curb by the way… I like the half cranks tho like sure they arent as nice as the full crankflips but I guess it would be your style…

Thanks, I am putting some 127mm kh/onzas in soon because i have them laying around and i want to use them. I think Shaun rides profiles so his cranks have to be longer than mine and he is really good.
Is anyone getting sick of seeing my driveway yet?:smiley:

EDIT: oh ya, when i crankflip, when i try to kick it down harder it does spin faster but i dont hop as high so it ends up just being a faster half flip, its getting really annoying. I have been trying to do them down things so i have more time to flip it. Next time i go to a park ill do it off a bench.

Here you go… I made a little movie for you. Its not teaching you really but its some flips I have done.

Its about 2 mb and about a minute long.

Nice movie. Youre getting better from your first movies. (by the way, I liked the zebra striped uni)

Maybe you should try doing the crankflips backwards? By that I mean spin the wheel in reverse when you jump. If your moving forward when you do a backward crankflip, I think your able to jump higher; you’re jumping off your back foot and against the spin of the wheel.

I don’t know for sure, but maybe you should try it. It looks more impresive that way, too.

Thanks for that movie, it looks easy when you do it:) It doesnt look like you are kicking it that hard, is it more like you put pressure on it before you hop or something?

I have tried backwards crankflips like 3 times before but they are really hard for me because i need to push with my right foot because my left one is retarded and my right foot is forward when i hop.

awesome video. I remeber in your last one you just did one crankflip in your driveway. But that one over the 5 was awesome!

Ya those 180 half flips were awesome too (litldude2).

Has anyone tried a half flip or full crank flip to a grind? that would be awesome.

Oh… That makes sense.

I’m exactly opposite. my strong foot is back, so it made sense to me to spin it backwards.

Justin Kohse did one in one of his movies. I can probably do a half flip to grind…but i have nothing to grind.

don’t think about kicking it harder, that will just mess with your form. just try to jump higher.

I’ve found that the hardest part about learning to crankflip is keeping your front foot foreward.

when I crankflip, I slide my foot off to the side almost like how a kickflip is done on a skateboard. it feels more comfotrable for me to do it that way, makes me much more consistant, and it also seems to speed up the flip.

Edit: this is Mike Clark (onetrack). didn’t know dan was signed on.

I don´t know anything about crankflips but I now know i need to go out and practise some of those cool flatland moves.

Btw: I really liked the music, seriusly.

Mike, do you use plastic pedals for your kickflip-style crankflips? I’m guessing that your foot would get stuck on the pedal if you were using pinned pedals, so you wouldn’t be able to slide it sideways like in a kickflip. Correct?

I’ve gotta try some crankflips tonite. I’ll likely be short 2 gonads by tomorrow after missing the pedals. Oh God. Does that happen a lot to you crankflippers?

Not to often. But when it does its pretty bad. Good luck on the flips tonight.

Plastics are way easier to flip than metal or aluminum ones are.


Yeah, i have a pair of $20 CDN Wellgo plastics that i guess i’ll throw onto my street uni to practice crankflips. I just don’t like riding with them normally, because i find that my feet slide off the pedals too easily when jumping down sets or riding down stairs and stuff like that. My street uni usually has alloy Snafus with the pins removed on the underside of the right pedal for grinding. Meh. I’ll give the plastics a try. Thanks.

When i do my crankflips I do not wait untill my cranks are horzontal. I wait untill they are about diagonal from the ground, and I do a quick hard push down with my right foot and lift the uni up with me, they seat doesnt even leave my butt. Its sort of opposit of the way mike said, Brian (uniextreme) also uses the method i think.

When I do it…I hang my foot off the edge and use the front of my foot. I guess that doesn’t really help.

Doing it on flat is way easier than off something for learning i think.

Ok I’ll try all that. I can kickflip a skateboard but my front foot on a uni is my back foot on a skateboard so that might not help that much.
Thanks everyone.

The ledge idea isn’t a great idea. lol. It’s sykes you out. But yeah. Put more pressure on the pedal before the uni even leaves the ground, and lean forward over your uni. This allows great pressure to build up before launch. (keep in mind the pressure building up and the leaning forward is only an instant before you jump). This method allows the cranks to whip at amazing speeds. Keep over it, spot the cranks, bring your feet in. Boom. lol. Good luck my friend. Loved the 180 halves down the curb. Good job. laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

I suggest trying n get some more speed it worked good for me

well, i’m still working on revs… i can almost get a half a rev in, but i pulled my butt-muscle when i landed funny… owch…