Crankflip Mount

How do you do them? I’ve read in a thread of someone learning to crankflip mount before learning how to truely crankflip. I’m tried unispin mounts that have successfully helped me learn to unispin, and i’m wondering if trying crankflip mounts will help me learn to crankflip

I dont think they will help, I tried them regularly and down 3 sets, but the only way to truely get a crankflip is to commit to it. I don’t think any of these beating around the bush crankflip “helpers” were really helping me. Zero Plants did nothing for me, and neither did Crankflip footplants, but if you are having trouble kicking the cranks then they might in fact help you. Crankflip mounts, dont really do anything, because a lot of people take the opportunity to jump when they feel like it, no matter where the cranks are. If you truely jump as soon as the cranks get to the 3:00 and 9:00 positions, then flip a full 360 degrees and you land on the cranks when they return to the 3:00 and 9:00 positions, then all you have to do is learn to kick, but I don’t know anyone who has learned them that way. You can give them a shot, but unless you learn to have the cranks do a complete flip while you are in the air, I don’t see how it can help you, other than spotting a landing possibly. You’ll get them with practice, don’t you worry.

Just commitment. Try leaning over the seat a alittle bit, that helps too.

for me kicking the cranks isn’t the hard part, i can kick them around almost perfectly every time, but because i spent so much time on zero plants and foot plant crankflips my front foot naturally wants to move to the back and then i end up not land back on the pedals. so do you think that crankflip mounts might help in my case?

for anyone that cares to care, i just learned to crankflip today and my main issue had been since i learned to zero plant flip first i couldn’t force myself to bring my front foot forward, it would always go back to do a zero plant. so today i tried some crankflip mounts and lo and behold they helped emensly. i gues they just helped me wrap my brain around the concept of landing on the pedals with the cranks spinning.

Cool. I’ll keep that in mind over the weekend. I’ve landed a couple of crankflips, but most of the time my feet are a little too far back, so I don’t land it.

Zero plants will help you more than a crankflip mount… for me it helped to do 360 rev. before learning crankflip :slight_smile:

check this out:

the reason zero plants didn’t help me is because i got so used to moving my front foot back that whenever i would try to crankflip my front(kicking) foot would always naturally move to the back and then i’d zero plant. with the crankflip mount, just spinning the cranks and then doing a jump mount with the cranks moving; it forced me to land my front foot on the pedal. o and revs didn’t really help me learn much more that where to distribute my weight for the spin. just my opinion do whatever works for you

The same thing happened to me. I would always move my front foot back and put it on the ground so I couldn’t land. It sucked:p

i was opposite i kept putting my back foot on the ground and my front foot on the pedal idk why it took me so long to land