Crankflip help!

I can get some pretty good no footers so I thought why not some crankflips. I followed shawns tutorial, but he doesn’t mention how to actually get the cranks turning. I keep on trying and they don’t flip shit!
Any help would be apreciated.

Snap effect. The tip is in there trust me. Ya kinda apply pressure to both pedals but kinda start to fall forward. Then jump up pushing the front foot into the ground and pulling up the seat. Giving the cranks the snap effect spin. Next time you ask for help you can just pm me directly (that goes for everyone too, no worries, if you need help with flips I’ll be glad to help) Since just posting a thread on it will probably get you yelled at by others ;), lol. PM me if you have more questions. I’ll try to help out best I can.

-Shaun Johaneson

im having this problem too


Joking. Well actually i had more or less the same question too and I think the snap effect’s harder to get than it sounds.

it is extremely hard

yes it’s tricky sorry, I really mastered it when I learned to doubleflip. Maybe a faster rolling flip is a better way to work into it. Just pedal alittle quicker than comfortable and try it that way.

-Shaun Johanneson

Funny, I had the opposite problem I seem to be snapping too much, I got static zero plants but when trying to do it while rolling I’m double flipping, which you might think is great in one sense except it messes with my head when I see em spin as if I’m subconciously aware that I shouldn’t be doing doubles and so don’t 100% commit to the landing.

This was only about an hours riding though before I snapped my seatpost so I’m still happy with what I did and should be able to adjust next time, almost landed a crankflip too before it was all over but my unicycle had moved forward a bit so I just clipped the pedal, must remember to keep my arm straight.

hey shaun. i can outflip now and tomorrow i will definetly land a hickflip. are you proud of my? hehe

I don’t understand how you jump but push down on the pedal at the same time :astonished:

yeah one of my feet sticks to the pedal and does a rev. i am close enough to doing it from just riding foward and jumping. it gets most of the way around. i just need to grow some balls and land.

or try and lose some balls so you dont hit yourself there;)

The way I see it is that you do the jump and on the way up you need to still be applying pressure to the pedals by pulling on the seat and then snap it by quickly moving your back foot up and out at the same time as flicking your front foot down and out and then bring your feet back in to catch the back pedal on its return.

mann iam really close to this trick

its so damm hard!

can can jump and kick …
i can pull up my back foot
the cranks are doing a perfect flip

but i cant see how to pull up my front foot he is always going to the zero plant

Picardo, right before you jump, suddenly stop and lean over the unicycle. My first crankflip, I landed right where I took off from.


try and learn on grass but not too thick grass. it will help with confidence. and if you worried about butting yourself dont, i have missed the pedals several times but it doesnt hurt cos i land on the seat with my bum and not my balls.
[in childish voice] hahaha i said bum and balls. im naughty

oh that last one was meant to say nutting yourself, not butting yourself

today training crankflips its was so damm close

i realized that
you have to pull the unicycle up for help on the spin

but after that you have to pull down the unicycle when the spin is completEd?

its helped me with my problem of dont pullin my foot up

iam on the right way ?