Crankflip help!

i’ve just come in from an hour or so of unicycling, about 1/2 an hour of which was devoted to learning how to crankflip. now i’m hot, sweaty, and my eyeliner has run so i look like a zombie and i still can’t crankflip. i’ve had the same problem over and over. i have a new torker dx with metal pinned pedals and i haven’t been able to get my feet off both pedals in time. i make my right pedal spin so i can usually get my left foot off and spin the wheel with my right but my right foot stays stuck to the pedal and i end up having to step back so i don’t land on my butt. i can’t figure out how to get my foot off the pinned pedal in time to get my feet on the cranks to land. i know it can be done, obviously, but i need to know how. thanks guys!

how about grease on your right pedal? lol

The stock pedals on the DX are like superglue. You may want to try some plastic pedals if you can’t make any more progress.

I’d buy some really cheap plastic pedals from your LBS.
other whise, just keep practising.

post pics of you eyeliner, scary :astonished:

i’ve never heard that one before…
i think i’ll go try it now!

ohmygod i don’t mean to threadjack, but spud, you have NO idea how much that helped.

Unitoon, try it, it WORKS!
if you’ve got it to the point where you’re doing 1 footed revs, this is the next step to take!

Plastics are good for flips. You should be able to do them with metal ones too, its not much harder just can hurt more when you miss. When you do anything more than normal flips then plastics are nicer. If your feet aren’t coming off then just work on that first…

Oh and search, there are exactly a bizzilion threads about crankflips, there was like a month where everyone was obsessed with them and there were like 20 new threads per day about them…crazyness.

Oh and you said you don’t know how to get your foot off the pinned pedal in time to get your feet on the cranks to land…first of all, don’t try to land on the cranks. That will make them harder to land in my experience. What do you mean you can’t get your feet off in time to land? A crankflip doesn’t exactly require alot of air time. If you can rolling hop a curb then you should be fine with that whole height thing.

took me longer then 1 hour lol give it some time just work on it alot… dont worry ull get it some time.some ppl actually roll there crankflips on the ground so you dont actually need air time… but those crnakslips look sooooooo bad.

no i’m not having trouble getting enough airtime, that’s no problem. it’s just my shoes stick to the pinned pedals and i can’t get them off the pedals in time enough to flip em. maybe i’ll try putting my plastic pedals from my old cx on my dx for a bit to see if it helps. thanks a lot guys! oh and as for the grease suggestion? i don’t think so. :smiley: lol that would be weird.

Definetly use plastic pedals, also, (for personal preference of mine) use the top half of your foot on the pedal and hang about 1/3 of your foot off the side the pedal, then kick down and out kinda.


hmmm thats sounds like a new tip!

and if i get of all my pedal pins ??

When I was learning flips that tip helped me sooo much. I went from only half flips to full good ones just by moving my foot.

Don’t get into bad habits, they suck alot.

I was just curious, when you moved your foot, that helped to get the full rotation. When you learnt doubles, did you change your techneque? Or just do everything harder?

I learnt full flips first without moving my foot, then doubles moving my foot.


I moved it to get normal flips. I can flip it with any part of my foot now though. I had some problem where I couldn’t get my technique down and that seemed to help.

With the double flips I do the same thing except I kick it down and back and with the singles I just push down.