crankflip help

ive been putting off learning a crankflip for quite some time.
i always had the uni slide out in front of me and the cranks not spin enough. well today i watched like 5 different tutorials and a few demos on youtube and i figured out how to kick the cranks after a little bit of practice, and when i gave it my all i actually kicked a double flip (didnt land of course) =P. I can make 1-2 revolutions easy except in order to do that i have to lean over the uni so much so that i can only get my front foot back on and not my back foot (the unicycle goes slightly behind me). after some practice and mental adjustment im able to keep it under me but the problem is i can only do 3/4 of a rotation before the unicycle hits the ground and the seat rails me in the balls.


That’s a feature, if you walk away holding your balls you did it right. :smiley:

saw the tutorial but there’s no way im crankflipping off a picnic table lol thats crazy talk. i understand the theory tho, maybe ill do it down a curb or 2 sets

You learned to unicycle, that takes patience, take that level of patience and mutliply it by about 100 and you’ll get the amount you need now.

If you haven’t already, watch this vid

was the go to video for crankflipping for awhile. Get comfortable doing the zero plants, but make sure you’re doing them right. I actually found that foot planting on a curb or small ledge helped to force me to kick the cranks and not just allow them to spin from the roll of the uni. After that it just takes…you guess it, patience, and of course practice. Just make sure that you focus on the steps as you’re doing the trick and that you’re doing each of them properly. If you feel yourself getting lazy with it take a break and do something else. You’ll only learn bad habits if you’re not practicing the trick properly.

It comes slowly for some faster for others, but will eventually work. This trick is a blast once you get it down.

Best of luck!

yeah i watched this and shauns new tutorial as well. and plants are bad news for me. they made me develop the habit of having the uni slide out in front of me which is a habit i had to break

Nice to see someone else learned this way too haha.

Yeah - I also found that Shaun’s tutorial gave me a bunch of bad habits that I had to unlearn before I could land crankflips. Maybe it would have been hard anyway, but I like Tim’s tutorial a lot better.

im close so i guess ill keep trying to tweak it and ill land it soon hopefully

If you post some video of your attempts, we might be able to give better advice. That helped me a bunch when I was trying.

mmk, im teaching myself how to use final cut pro so i can slow stuff down, mite be a few days

If you are confident with hopping on wheel you could learn crankflips to hopping on wheel first. They are really easy to commit to because you can flip the cranks as much or as little as you want without it messing up your landing. I ended up learning flips to wheel, hickflips and treyflips before I could crankflip properly. I would also recommend trying them with two hands and trying them seat out, just to see if it helps you commit to them.

yeah thats a great idea, thanks dude!
i know what im doing tomorrow =D

also, what is it called if you crankflip but land on the tire?
and on a sort of related note what is it called if you start on the tire, kick the tire 1 rev and land back on the tire.

It’s usually called a 90 flip or a flip to wheel. If you start on the tire, kick the tire 1 rev and land back on the tire it’s called a monkey kick to wheel.

Thanks for that tutorial Tim. Landed my first revs yesterday. Today I will start to try real crankflips just to get the feel of it.

My main problem is that I hop, jump, ect., with my left foot forward, but when I try to flip with my left foot, nothing happens! I just can’t get myself to snap the pedals downward at all, BUT I can with my right foot!

I guess it’s because I’m right-handed/footed, which explains why my right foot is back for hopping since that’s the position where I put the most pressure on for jumps, hops, etc.

The problem I’m having is that my right foot forward is very awkward for me, at least hopping in place, or initiating anything from that position. Should I go back to trying to flip with the same foot forward as I hop with–my left–or should I try to just try to learn how to be comfortable and proficient at hopping with my right foot forward?

Edit: Maybe with all this in mind, a back(crank)flip might be easier for me? I say this because I would be flipping with my right foot back, which is my regular position for hopping.

I wouldn’t recommend learning to crankflip with your backfoot forward. It will make learning other tricks more difficult. The reason you are able to flip the cranks easier with your right foot could be because you aren’t comfortable having that foot forward, and as a result you put uneven pressure on the pedals. This would cause the cranks to flip when you jump.

Go ahead and try backflips, some people are better at flipping backwards than forwards. However, I’m sure you could learn normal crankflips with your left foot forwards. Hold the handle with two hands, lean forward, and put as much pressure on your left pedal as you can while pulling up on the handle and jumping. If you really focus on doing this you should be able to get the cranks to flip.

It’d be really cool if you learned to crankflip. I’d love to see crankflips mixed into muni!

Thanks for the advice! And I agree with you that I should learn to flip with the same foot forward (my left) as I use for hopping, jumping, etc.

i still havent learned this trick yet. but i also have put barely any effort into it.
i found that it is 10 million times easier to flip the cranks with the seat out and do hickflips than doing crankflips with the seat underneath me. my only problem now is getting my backfoot on the pedal after doing the flip. ill sit down and commit when i get bored of doing flat tricks =P but for now, there is no flip in flat! (for me)

I wonder if it would be easier to learn pedal grab-crankflips than normal crankflips. A pedal grab crankflip can be seen at 1:55 in this video:

When you do a pedal grab-crankflip you don’t have to kick, you just stand on the front pedal and pull up while jumping. If you could learn this it might help you commit to normal crankflips.