Crankflip help

I’ve watched all the tutorials on youtube yet i have no idea how to to a crankflip or even a zero plant. on a good attempt i can make the cranks spin less than a half rotation before i land. can someone with similar experience who learned help me out or anyone offer any advice at all! i really wanna be able to do this basic trick.

If you have seen al tutorials I guess you’ve also have seen mine ^^
How high can you jump? I think its very important to be able to jump atleast 40-50cm rolling, otherwise you won’t have the time to flip it :stuck_out_tongue: (unless you flip really hard, which is not the case^^)
and get you backfoot from your pedal when you kick the pedals, so you won’t ‘block’ the flip:)

hmmm ive never measured my rolling hops but i have over 50 cm static.
ill upload some attempts and maybe you can tell me what im doing wrong

Hey bro!

Here are just some tips for crankflips in general that might help you out.

-Keep the front part of your foot on the pedal so you can “flick” better
-Have a little upward slant on your front foot to add a little torque. So your cranks are barely offset.
-Lean forward over your unicycle in order to stay committed to the crankflip

Those are just tips that will help. For flipping the cranks, that will come with time. Trust me.

How i learned crankflips was I rode fast, jumped of the cranks a little bit, and quickly put my feet back on. The cranks only spun about a half rev but it gave me a feel for the crankflip. I wouldn’t recommend this way, but it worked for me. I slowly built up to the full crankflip. Lots of practice :stuck_out_tongue:

-Kevin Kartchner