crankflip help

Today I tried some crankflips and I found that I can actually get the kick part but I always seem the land in front of the unicycle, any tips on staying above the seat?

jump UP not OUT. lean forward, apply pressure to the front foot, jump straight up, and kick the cranks as you’re leaving the ground. spot the cranks and then attempt to land it.

Same problem here, but i always land behind the uni. :angry:

Yeah I went out yesterday and found the kick part pretty easy. I find that the hardest part is actually committing to landing on it. I just jump OFF every time. I think you just have to go for it.


If you’re landing in front of the uni, then I think you’re closer to success than if you were landing in back. You already know what you need to do to correct it. Do some attempts where you overcompensate the other way so you land behind the uni. Then work on splitting the difference.

The problem is that your brain has figured out how to do it and not get hurt. It’s “safe” to jump forward (or back) and stay away from the seat. It’s scary to stay right over the seat. You’re going to get racked a bit while you’re working on staying over the seat until your feet figure out where to go for the landing, but you’ll get it.