Crankflip Height and Length competition.

First off, this contest is not supposed to end, or have a final winner.

Basically, post a video showing your crankflip height and or your crankflip long jump. In order to be official, you must show the measurement clearly and make quite sure that it is clear that you jumped that far or high.

If you don’t care about being official, just say how far or how high you can crankflip, or post a video without measurements.

I don’t care about being official for now, so I’m just going to say I hit 195cm distance flip today, and I measured a long time ago 71 cm for crankflip height. I may make an official entry eventually and I may not. The purpose of this thread is to just get people flipping further and higher, and perhaps encouraging such progression.

Feel free to also post an official or unofficial entry even if you don’t have a good distance, so that perhaps some of the not-as-good street riders will be able to sort of compete against one another.

Edit: Feel free to make as many entries as you wish.

I love distance flipping :roll_eyes:

edit: Which means I will post here soon

Why the :roll_eyes: ? Do you not really like distance flipping?

Over bar or onto ledge?

I am have been working on my flip distances recently, have not measured though. I got 122 cm (4 feet) last fall though… I think I can get around 160 now.

Onto a ledge.


Really needs to be over something. I don’t have pellets or ledges.
Maybe I’ll do both, I’ll try find some ledges.

We distance fliping gaps? Or sticks?

Ok, we’ll have a contest for ledgeing flips and a contest for flipping over stuff. Whatever.

I used sticks for distance.

195cm over sticks… Thats god dang impressive. I’ll give it a try soon.

Ha no, I love distance flipping. Wrong smiley. What I meant was:

I love distance flipping:D

Hah yeah…

Other than Brent Gerret getting about that much at NAUCC 07 lol. It’s funny, that guys tech wasn’t very good, but man, he was skilled in some areas. I think he got 205, but without sticks, so that would be around 195 with. I did not see him do this, I only heard others say that that’s what they saw, from eyeballing it.

But I can tell you it felt pretty far to me :p. It’s hard getting much farther, though I intend to work on it in the near future.

I got around 150 cm today easy. I need to find a bigger gap.

EDIT: Do you guys catch your flips early when flipping ups or gaps?

Nope, I tend to just flip them really sloooooow. Really slow.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue: you have to catch them early or you won’t get far at all.

Haha, all is well so far. I can get a pretty nice distance on them:)

I’ll work on it, though :roll_eyes:

I flip mine slow too… Don’t have problems yet.
Is there a vid/clip of someone flipping a nice gap with good technique?

Thanks, I also looked at his one in life and at euc.

Yeah ummm catching flips early is a MUST. My technique is pretty terrible.

I downloaded it… very easy for me to find. :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway.

For flipping over a bar is it just me, or can other people get higher by just doing a regular rolling hop then lateflipping at the peak of your jump?
I can get a amazing :o 50 cm this way…

Can you tuck then lateflip? If so, then that would be better(or exactly the same) then flip, catch, tuck. Which is my technique.

Brent Gerett didn’t really catch any of his flips…

But I catch mine on gaps and when flipping over things.