Crankflip, ha ha, and a question

Alright firstly, YEEEEAAAA, i got crankflips.

And in the vid you see i break my seatpost, yesterday i broke my seatpost as well. thats 2 in 2 days, Is there something im doing wrong?? Its crazy.


[edit] The vid is here [edit]

Congratulations! Those looked good:)
Sucks about the seatpost though…

i wanna cry

are flips easier than unispins for you? cuz ive got 180 unispins perfect but cant even get a quarter of a rotation from the cranks when i try to flip, im gonna start learning them again(flips)

Crankflips were alot harder for me to learn than unispins, if they are that frustrating that you want to cry when someone else lands one then you should take a break and come back to it in a couple weeks/months.

ive BEEN away from them for about a month and a half

Oh, then maybe you should get back into them :wink:

im gonna but i tryed one today and it didnt spin AT ALL, how long has it takin you guys to learn?

yep… all your impact goes on your seat… try to land standing up not with ur butt smaking the seat so hard… and dont push down on your handle alot when you land either…

Cheers Max, i think im putting weight on the handle and weight on the seat because im scared of landing wrong. I will try your advice.

And yea, i can spin unispins i just cant land them, i might try tonight with my old nimbus trials.
I learnt crankflips first because i thought they were the next step from no footers. They are not, you might be able to rolling no footer so fast it spins round but still.


p.s jesse check pm’s

good job!

i landed my first half flip this arvo and once you get them they are surprisingly easy to do consistantly. I even landed a few down a gutter.

How difficult is it to go from half to a full flip?



thats a goodlooking style of flipping. you need a better camera though :stuck_out_tongue:

For me it was really hard, I got too used to half flips and changing my technique was not really fun. I was stuck doing halves for months before I could get the full one.

The cams crap. Ha, Max i have never learnt half flips. i always fliped well to fast, i am not sure why. I was so annoyed at it spinning to fast (i couldnt spot the cranks) i tried it up curbs. I havent tried hopping up curbs since i landed them i might when i get a new seatpost.


Anyone do a crankflip on a 24?

Yea, spencer can, lildude2 he posts as. Also J.Khose