Crankflip Comp

Okay. I need to land one… Seriously. Its been months of struggling to flip the cranks, and keeping it under me, and two months ago, I mastered that portion… Now I just need to get my feet on the pedals.

Anybody in?

Sig trophy: )-Crankflip-'O,

I can’t land this for the life of me… I feel so close, but I can’t get it!

The competition starts sometime tomorrow… whenever you get the chance.

Aww I just landed one a few days ago. There were no tips that helped me, it was just lots and lots of practice and forcing myself to get my front foot back on.

My problem is my back foot. I realize no tips really help. Its just commitment and practice. I’ll get it soon I hope.

I need to land it, but I’m just having too much fun with MUni right now…

I’ve been trying. One day, I could flip the cranks and sometimes even get it to double flipping speeds but I would never commit and land back on it. Then I was trying today and I couldn’t even kick it around once… I felt so frustrated. So I’ll try this! I’m gonna try and get one down by the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival.

Well, I could get the cranks around twice when I started, but I wasn’t staying over the unicycle, and it was really hard to stay above it. Now its about commitment to landing on top once.

Im in

I’m in too. I want land a crankflip finally.

Im in! Ive been putting off crankflips for far too long. I can Zero Plant, but haven`t even tried committing to the crank flip.

I’m so in.

I can zeroplant doubleflip all the time, and footplant double about half the time.

I feel like I’m close on crankflips, but it seems like I have to flip completely differently than when I footplant. I keep experimenting with different ways to do it and I’m not sure which is going to end up being the “right” way. So sometimes I feel like I’m really close to getting it and sometimes I feel like I’m nowhere near.

i’m in! i cant flip :frowning: but i’m in :slight_smile:

i’ll join

I got really close today. Just messing around in the driveway. I got much closer than this, but it wasn’t on camera. My front foot stayed on the pedal, and my back foot caught the pedal, but skimmed right off. I’ll post footage in a little while, mainly because I’m pretty bored I guess.

There. Its not THAT close, but if I lifted my left leg a little more, and commited, I would have gotten it.

Awww you silly boy! That was waaaay too close. Nice looking flip too. Once you get them they’ll look a lot nicer then most people that have been fliping for months now.

Either you or xccrev is gonna win. He has been stuck at the same spot you are for 2 weeks!!! He practiced them today as I practiced varial rolls and can do that everytime but he just won’t stick the other foot forward!! It’s frustrating.

For me its either one or the other. I can get my front foot on, or my back foot on. I just need to get them both.

I don’t quite understand your new word.

What I make of that, is that you don’t understand what sometime tomorrow is.

Well you see, rather than saying a specific time, I would rather convinience people by saying that “tomorrow”(after the sun rises) is when they can give it a go. I said this yesterday, so by now, people in this from anywhere have surely had the chance to participate.

Actually he’s not that close lol. I was at that stage for months. I think the front foot is the problem for everyone. It’s gotta follow the pedal round kinda. Just jump high, stay over the unicycle and commit. It’s not easy to do, but once you land it it seems so easy lol.