Crankflip 180 comp!

This is a Crankflip 180 comp…
The rules
-You must not have landed a crankflip 180 before
-It must be landed on flat
-Crankflip 90 DOESN’T count, it must be as close as possible as 180(or bigger).
-Must be 19" wheel or bigger
-Video proof needed
-Videos must be clear enough to see the trick
-The comp starts as soon as 3 people have entered
Can someone make the sig trophys please?

EDIT: Forgot to say, I’m in:p

I think that’s called a sex change.

I’m wrong, it’s a 180 flip comp… How do we edit the title?

I am in. wow my first comp online!! :sunglasses:

No one?? does that means we are the only 2 person that haven’t landed a 180 flip yet?

Im in to, got 90 flips yesterday, so i think a 180 flip is possible :smiley:

YAY! Now we need the sig trophys…

i got 180 and the flip down now i just need to land it

has anyone got it yet

I’m at the same point, I almost landed it a couple of days ago. No body landed it yet, I’ll try to make some sig trophys for the 1,2,3rd place.

hi, i landed one today and iam putting it on later today.

I wont be able to ride until tomorrow morning, but I may as well join for inspiration.

Those who have landed them already, have any tips?

I’m in, although it sounds like zipper’s already got it.

I can do about a 45 flip so far. Seems way hard to me. It totally messes up my flip to try to twist at the same time. All of a sudden I can’t stay over the uni when I try to 180 flip.

ok here it is. what do you think, sorry for how white i am(and fat ha ha)

oh and my brother did a triathlon on saturday so i wore the swim hat

The title got me thinking about actually doing a crankflip 180. Well it’s more like a crankflip that is caught early to late 180. Has anyone done it before?

that would be hard you would have to jump real high.

so what do you think did i win?

I dont have Facebook account, so I can’t see it, can you put it on youtube or something? I can do 90 flip, I just fell after because landing 90 degres is not that easy, I’ll try again today.

EDIT: Can someone make the sig trophys? I dont know how to make them:(

I landed one today. There’s little chance of me getting a video, so I’ll just drop out. I love these competitions. They always push me to land new tricks.

I’ve done them, and at NAUCC Forrest did it down the 4 set.