crank wont come off

ok, so today i took off my right crank for the first time( torker dx by the way) and tried the left and it wouldnt come off :angry: :angry: :angry: . i am so frustrated after messingwith it for like 3 hours. i did a search but didnt find an answer to my question. if i stuck a flathead screwdriver in the gap where the pinch bolt goes, and puller on it, would this cause damage to my hub? if so ill just have to go and get a crank puller.

I recomend a crank puller…That way you are sure that your getting it off properly. Maybe take it to the LBS and ask them to get it off this time so that way if they mess up the blame is on them not you. Click the link in my sig to learn proper spline maintenance techniques.

ok, now im 12 and dont have 20 dollars to spend. if at all possible i want to avoid buying a crank puller. again, will the screw driver method damage anything?

Yes it could…You could augment the spline configuration and it may never fit the same again…You may even cause a permanent wiggle in the interface between the crank and axel. Dont cut corners…Get the proper tools and do it right the first time, or you may screw it up. And besides you can get a crank puller for like $10. Just tell the LBS you need a splined crank puller and they will kno what you need.

probably. i’m not 100% sure what you are describing, but it sounds like a bad idea. a crank puller is very helpful. talk to you local bike shop, they could give you more info.

He wants to put a screwdriver head into the slot at the top of the crank the the pinch bolt holds together and plry it open…Very bad idea.

so, how do you get cranks off that have been de- nubbed? i am assuming that the threads where a puller would thread in, is the part that’s machined off…

Thats a good question and the answer is…I have no idea at all. You probly would need a bearing puller…which locks around the sides of the crank and pushes against the axel to pull the crank off.

Like this onevvv

That’s the same bearing/crank puller I have! Trust me, get one!

My friend has a DX as do I and the cranks should just come off if you loosen both of the bolts on the crank. He did it by hand more than once and it worked fine.

crank pullers are brilliant.

you are lucky, my cranks won’t STOP coming off at the moment :angry:

Well, I have a bearing puller that won’t quite fit between the crank and the bearing. What I do is I just ride it without the bolt on for a few minuites, and jump off a small ledge to loosen it. This is probably a bad idea, you could get hurt if the crank suddenly comes off. It also might damage something, but my uni is junk anyway.

Do this, it will work! Take your frame off and put the puller jaws on the bearing itself. If it is really tight then hit the end of the puller bolt and tighten after about 2-3 blows with the hammer. It will come off! yippi!

I dont know, but my left crank is just realllllllllllly stubborn. MY right one came off no problemo.

I satnd by my earliest comments…you need a puller.

if you have a way to hold the uni off the ground by the seatpost. do that then hit the loosened crank with a rubber mallet or a block of wood, and try to gently get it started.