crank type?

are slide on cranks or pinch bolt cranks better? and how about the round tubular ones vursus the square-ish ones like KH moments?

I prefer the pinch bolt design. It feels more secure to me.

Both designs are great though, cause as you can see, some of the strongest cranks have a pinch bolt, and others dont.

Both designs are very sturdy and will secure the crank to the hub.

As for the design of the cranks, its almost a preference thing.

The cranks on my DX are tubular, and I love them for when I stand on them to do seatdrops, or leg wraps. The curve on them does make it so I can slide my feet around them with ease, which is good for going in and out of standing out of the cranks, or if I cuff a landing and land on the cranks, I can easily move my feet to the pedal.

The fatter, rectangular ones would be better, because your foot would be on a flat surface, without a slope to it, so you would be secure standing on them.

I dont like thinner cranks though, cause my feet dont feel secure on them, and it seems like I can slip off them easier than the fatter cranks on my DX.

Pinch-bolts add length to the cranks and are another part sticking out, meaning that is one more opportunity to snag e.g. your pants and injure yourself, but they are easier to install and remove.

I like normal cranks better than pinch bolt. The pinch bolt cranks, like the guy above said may snag pants, and are more likely to sqeek. I don know, but most of the good Uni cranks like KH and Profile dont have pinch bolts. If there was a good reason to keep them on Im sure Kris Holm would have done it.

I agree, I have snagged my pants on the pinchbolt part of my cranks several times.

sweet thanks i am getting the KH mement setup and i wanted to make sure they would be good. they are good right? the best splined for a decent price?

For their price, yes, they are the best.

I havent snagged my pants on my cranks though, for the first ride with them I did, but I never do it now.

ok and instead of posting another thread ill just post here. does anyone know if you can use any guage of spokes on any hub im using KH moment hub and it doesnt specify any spoke size

if you wear emo pants they dont and if you dont like to wear pants 20 sizes too small take some rubber bands and wrap them around the ankles of your pants


I ripped a pair of good pants like that. I was sooooo pissed.