Crank Trade...150mm for ??

I don’t know what normal trials unicycles come with as far as cranks go, but I have a KH 20" trials uni, with 150mm KH moments cranks (came with it, used) and they are just a bit longer than I’d like. They are used, and have some scratches and scuffs, but I’m by no means a “good” rider, so they haven’t seen much abuse.

I will get pictures tomorrow, but I’m wondering if anything is looking to maybe trade smaller cranks. (preferably the same kind)

I’d also be willing to throw in a little bit of cash if you have a better [smaller] model of cranks.


yo dude are you sure their 150 mm?

I remember when he got this, and yeah description is 150s - they look pretty long too…Kh20 2008

They’re def. 150’s.

Haha, It’s funny you should bump that for two reasons…

I’m pretty sure my uni is an 07 and now the reason I’m looking to trade is because when I turned my pedals hit the ground.