Crank Torque Settings

I was wondering if anyone knew what the best crank torque setting would be on a Pashley Muni as I want to tighten that pesky left hand crank nut up as far as I dare. Looking in a bicycle manual it recomends which seems alot as my torque wrench only goes up to Maybe I’ll need to invest in a new torque wrench. Has anyone actually managed to strip a thread by over doing it?

I wonder why the left hand crank isn’t held on using a left hand thread like the left hand pedal is. It seems this would solve the age old problem of left hand cranks coming loose.

i can’t tell you about pashley, but I would imagine they are all pretty close to torque settings, give or take.

On a Suzue, the torque setting you want is 40 foot/pounds, I tested a suzue hub to failure and it was between 85-90 foot pounds before the threads gave out.

Are you perhaps reading the required amount of inch pounds, or some other measure, and looking at the foot pounds measurement on your wrench?

Unless it is a small torque wrench used for more precise things, (little tiny bolts), 40 foot pounds is not a very hefty setting and should be easily achieved with most wrenches

Re: Crank Torque Settings

According to my handy-dandy converter program :smiley: , 47.5Nm = 420 lbf-in = 35 lbf-ft, and, as Sofa says, although that would be in the correct range, is, actually, a little low.

It looks llike you’ll need a different wrench.:frowning:

Yeah, it looks like I’ve been getting my inches and feet mixed up. 40 foot/pounds seems to make sense.

Thanks Guys…