crank tightness...

SHould you tighten your cranks as much as you can or is it possible to overtighten your cranks? What are your suggestions?

I’ve never heard of over tightening the cranks i always tighten them as far as i can

You can get an allen socket at sears

Use a torque wrench and tighten the crank bolt to 35 foot /pounds. If it is a tapered spline (ISIS), smack the crank on tight with a soft mallet first, to seat the splines together.

If you tighten the crank bolt enough it will break in half, and getting the broke part out can be a pain.

I always torque mine to 50lbs, ride, torque again, ride, and torque. They stay tight afer that.

I’d first clean the threads on both the bolts and hub w/ rubbing alcohol, then tourque it to 45 lbs w/ blue Loctight and let it set overnight before riding it.

There is a lot of lore out there about crank tightening for both cotter-less (square taper) axles and splined axles. Use the search function and you’ll dig up a variety of techniques, some healthy, some not. I assume you are talking about square taper hubs. I use some light grease on the tapers. I attach the cranks and lay the unicycle down on a concrete surface so the bottom crank is on a piece of wood to avoid scratching. I smack the top crank with a mallet or put another piece of wood on it and smack that with a hammer. I flip it over and repeat. Then I put on the nuts or put in the bolts. These I tighten using the force I can muster squeezing the ratchet handle towards the crank with my hands. This means that my hands are wrapped around both the ratchet handle and the crank and I squeeze. I can develop the most torque unassisted that way. Ride and repeat three times.