Crank tightness....

My cranks were losse yesterday so i tightened them up but now they are too tight so you can feel a bit of friction. How tight should i do em cos if a loosen them now, won’t they just gradually loosen more and more as i ride?
Help please! haha

What are you tightening exactly? The crank nuts, the pedal nuts or the bearing housing nuts? If you mean that the wheel has a bit of friction when you turn it then you were tightening the bearing housing bolts, the crank bolts do not affect the rotating friction of the wheel in any way. If this is the case just loosen them off, over tight bearings will wear out very quickly. If they keep coming close clean the threads with alcohol (turps, meths, white spirit or something similar) and then get some locktite (nutlock, nut adhesive - there are loads of brands) and apply it to the threads before tightening the bearing housings, this will ensure the nuts do not loosen.

roger did my KH cranks onto the hub. Used his foot twice as leverage, and I was rdy to cry.

Told him off, and said thx after. But he’d have replaced them if he threaded it :slight_smile:

apparently it’s the norm.