Crank Stuck on Coker

well as the title says i have a left crank stuck on my coker.
any idead how i could get it off?

obviously a crank extracter doesnt work (well the threads that holds the crank extracter on the crank were stripped)
i am assuming the crank is knackered now but i would like to save the hub.

any ideas would be appreciated

You could use a bearing puller similar to this bearing puller or this bearing puller. If you don’t have a bearing puller your local bike shop might and they could pull the crank off for you.

It’s a long shot, but if you happened to be in Nottingham at any point, I’ve got a great big set of bearing pullers that might do it.

Machine mart sell bearing pullers which are good (unlike halfords ones which are rubbish).

Bike shops I went to didn’t have the big sort of bearing puller, car repair or motorbike places might though.


Don’t overlook the low-budget method of simply riding the crank off. Once you remove the nut/bolt, cotterless cranks usually loosen up with surprisingly little riding. If you’re able to idle, do a bunch of idling with that pedal down (turn the cycle around backwards if necessary). Or do a bunch of little hops, but keep switching your pedal position from 9-3 to 3-9.

Take it to your local garage and they’ll often find a way, just ask them and they’re likely to know. Some bike shops will just bang it off with a hammer too.

Another possibility is gentle heat. If you heat the crank, but keep the spindle cool, the crank will expand and will loosen. Best way is to hold the uni at an appropriate angle and pour hot water on it, so that it goes onto the crank, but doesn’t go onto the hub. You could keep the hub cold with a cold wet cloth. Also, try a penetrating oil.

Take it to a bike shop or use a plumbers torch on the crank. Riding might loosen it up. DO NOT LET ANYONE WITH A HAMMER NEAR IT!

carjug, who made the hammer mistake after making the bearing puller mistake, and who now owns a crank puller.

cheers guys will give all the ideas a go
sorry joe wont be up in nottingham unfortunatly
will let you know the outcome