Crank stripping problem?!?!

It first happened on my Torker DX. I had been riding it for around a year and my pedal started to wobble around; it was unscrewing. At first I did not think about it much about it and a just screwed it back in, then it happened again and I realized that the cranks where on backwards. By this time the right crank had been stripped. A week ago I recived my Coker and this time I made sure that everything was on the correct side. Also I made sure to tighten the pedals every time after riding. Yesterday I was riding and my right pedal started to wobble so i took it off and all the treads had been stripped. Now I have to unicycles with stripped cranks wating for parts to come.
How can I prevent this?

stop tightening the pedals. They should stay tight without your help.

Your new cranks probably stripped from over tightening.

Get a torque wrench with your next unicycle and tighten the bolts to about 30 ft-pounds. If the loosen retighten them to the same torque and do not overtighten them. (Some people recommend 40 ft-pounds, but I would not tighten them at any higher torque.)

Really? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. And I’ve done a lot of bonehead things to unicycles over the years. My next question to the cycle owner would be to confirm that the pedal on the right-hand side is the one threaded righty-tighty, and the left pedal is the one that threads the wrong way. Right and left as seen from above the cycle, with the front of it toward the top.

Yes, that means the rotation of the pedal in relation to the crank is in the opposite direction of tightening. Believe us; 130 years of bicycling has proven this is the right way.

Still, a decent pedal wrench is a great tool for any unicyclist. Most regular open-ended wrenches are too thick to work well on pedals. Don’t go crazy tightening and you should be fine.

Yes, I do make sure to tighten it the correct way each time.
To tighten I use the pedal wrench that came in the box.
What I thought was, that the wrench they give you is supposed to bend or brake before it brakes the threads?
Also when you over tighten don’t you feel a sudden slip?

Maybe you did not over-tighten but if you give it a bit more of a turn each time wouldn’t that lead to over-tightening, no?

I have put pedals in by hand and after a bit of riding they were as tight as any other pedal. Riding should gradually tighten your pedals not back them off unless you are riding backwards or your wheel is backwards.

Maybe adding some blue locktite to your threads would be a good idea if you have problems keeping the pedals tight.

edit: are you using the same pedals on the coker that you were on the DX? I had a set of cheep pedals once that had a slightly undersized spindle. undersized threads on the pedal could be a factor.

I was addressing the problem of over-tightening the bolt that holds on the crank rather than the pedals. If the pedals are on the correct side (and are not cross-threaded) they should not come loose.