Crank Strength..

Hi there guys, I’m relatively new to unicycling, well probably about 7-8 months in but I went on holidays to Japan shortly after getting it and got a little slack with learning again up until recently. To be fair I’d had riding and freemounting down pat for ages but I want to expand my skill set.

Not too long after I picked it up again, I started to learn bunnyhopping as I’d ridden a BMX when I was a bit younger (though having a car quashed that use a fair bit) and I found it fairly easy to pick up. However after a bunny-hopping session one time I started riding my unicycle around a bit and it felt really unusual and wonky… this was when I discovered that all my hopping around had bent the pedals and cranks down a little bit so intead of being in line it resembled more of a V shape if you looked at the side…

I was mortified, but I managed to fix it by swapping the way I had been hopping from right foot out front, to left foot out front, and just hopped until I bent them back. I afterwards took the cranks and all off and fine tuned it until it was all perfect, but I’m a little miffed that basically although I can bunny hop, if I do it I’m going to start bending my unicycle again…

I figured out a bit of a work-around for the time being, in that I learned to instead of just slowing down and then hopping, I slow down and hop so my feet lie across the cranks, as opposed to just on the pedals, and then start hopping. And whilst this is very easy to do from a standing start, it makes situations where I should just be able to slow down, bunny hop, then keep riding, a bit tougher as I need to shift my entire stance.

The cranks aren’t bending this way because my weight is ditributed much more evenly but I’d like to be able to do it the normal way.
So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

Currently I’m riding a Torker CX I believe it is, it’s a very basic entry level unicycle as far as I’ve been led to believe, so would it be worth it to look into new cranks, or would the unicycle frame not be high enough quality to stop from bending even with new cranks? I suppose the other thing I could try is hammering the cranks on a bit harder and hoping that that helps but I think I might be clutching at straws in that regard.

The other option I was looking at, was maybe purchasing one of the Nimbus X unicycles, as most people seem to be happy with them, and they seem to be quite competetively priced at $300~ AUD. But I have no idea on what kind of strength the cranks of that unicycle could take.

I guess I don’t plan on doing heaps of hopping, as I’d much prefer to learn freestyle skills, but being able to bunny hop up/over curbs etc would be nice to be able to do. And of course the occasional jumping up/on any ramps etc you make on your front driveway :smiley:

For reference sake I weight 100kgs, which is roughly 220lbs I think.

So do I have many options here? Or am I going to have to drop some kilos! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Torker CX doesn’t have strong components at all. The cranks are weak. The hub is weak. The rim is a single walled weak rim. No surprise that it is collapsing under a 100kg rider.

There are stronger standard freestyle unicycles available. You can get stronger ones that have the square tapered hub and cranks. The hub and cranks will be stronger than what is on the Torker CX. The Nimbus series will be stronger. Stronger hub. Stronger cranks. A real saddle.

But. A better bet for someone who is 100kg would be something like the Qu-ax freestyle with ISIS splined hub. Cool deal if you can get them reasonablly in Australia. The ISIS splined hub and cranks are stronger than the square taper cranks just like the splined BMX stuff is stronger than the square tapered BMX stuff. Kindda cool to have an ISIS option for a traditional freestyle uni.

I was gunna ask if you weighed over 200 or so and broke it, but yea he answers that question.