Crank stalls and grinds?

When you do a crank stall or a grind, (if that’s wat they are called…) Do you balance on the crank of the pedals? I’ve been trying to do it on the pedals, and i cant do it, and im scared to try it on the cranks because it seems like it will break the spokes… :frowning:

Oh, and when you do stall, how do u hop up onto the obstacle?

you can land on either pedal or crank, its normaly easyer to land on just your pedal and you can also normaly pedal grab higher things than you can crank grab. From a crank grab you just have to pop up and land on your tyre, with a pedal grab you have to swing the uni up slightly and push off with the foot that is on what you have landed on. when you grind you can grind on either pedal or pedal and crank, for rails you normaly grind with just the pedal but on ledges you grind with pedal and crank.

This was the closest thread I found while searching for crank grabs and hopping up to ledges you can’t quite hop up to directly from the ground. Could someone describe in a bit more detail where your weight needs to be and what angle you need to land/etc when you land on the ledge with your crank and pedal and proceed to try and jump up to the ledge? I’ve got the control for the full move but I lack the fundamentals to pull it off. The second jump from the crank stall to the ledge is where the problems seem to start.

also, in before “go practice/search/dont bump old thread/etc”

Lol, yesterday I was looking around and I read a reeeaaally good thing on this… Try :smiley: ps. I still havent been able to do it either :smiley:

Here it is :smiley:

thank you very much :smiley:

Your welcome :smiley:

Got it last night :slight_smile: This really helped me out. I’m one of the guys that thinks, thinks again, thinks how and why before actually doing it…

It really does come down to knowing you’ll make the jumps high enough. If you have any doubt in your mind you won’t make it…just have confidence that you’ll make it up and you have it.