crank stalling

i need help on crank stalling…

i can do the stall like nothin but i cant seem to be able to jump up afterwards could u plz give me some pointers !!!

Sorry if this is a dumb question but…

What is crank stalling?


it’s similar to pedal grabbing but landing on the crank and pedal.

I think there are some how to’s on the muniacs site:

The second bit I think is the hardest; I’ve not managed it on my 24", just the 20"… I just don’t seem to be able to pull it up enough to get the wheel over the edge.

Once you’re on the edge, get your balance, then really go for it… crouch down over the uni and rapidly stand up straight, pulling your legs and the uni up and sideways. Make loud grunting noises too; even if it doesn’t help it’ll prove to onlookers that what you’re doing is hard.

You really need to get that uni over, even if you’re not very high up yourself; bend your knees, pull it upwards.

And watch loads of videos of people doing it too!

Phil, just me


Can you please explain what problems you are having with them. I would love to help out more, but theres alot that can go wrong with a pedal grab. If you could give us some more details about whats going right, and whats going wrong we could help out alot more. Thanks


what size wheel are you trying it with?

i like phil can easily do it on a 20". a 24" or more is a much greater challenge. I think that lots of practice and leg strength is key. make sure you crunch down all of the way they spring back up with the leg that is on the pedal that is on the platform. also be sure to pull the uni up high by recrunching your body. if you dont do these things you wont get the maximum height that you could acheive. (dont forget to pull the wheel over onto the object)

  • Sal

Iv really gotta agree here, it is very important to go with the grunting. Also if your going for a tall object in the rolling jump style the grunting is crucial.


i have a 24 ( i use to hve a 20 but i sold it to get the 24). any ways my problem is i cant do the second part of crank stalling or crank grabbing, i find it hard to jump up the edge after the stall .


would lowering my seat help to give me more bend in my knees???

i crank grab with the crank pointing forward,some people do it with the crank pointing backwards.have you tried both?one may turn out to be easier.

pulling up on the uni to get rubber is easier with the seat out front,easier to toss the uni away if it goes wrong too.


k thx

haha justin

haha justin u could crank stall on ur 20" wat happend =þ