crank snap

i was over at my friends a couple hours ago, and was doing some trails shots, and when i gapped a stupid 4 set,which i had done easily 2 times before, but the camera wasnt working, so i did it again, and when i landed my crank snapped clean off. at least i didnt hurt myself, and it was onto grass…but im mad, i will have pics of it and stuff to come…what kind of cranks should i get, i need a new hub now obvisouly.



A splined crank and hub set will last a whole lot longer and can take some massive abuse.


yeah, i was using the stock cranks and hubs off the kh 20 inch, my friend bent his to crap, now he got splined, but i hate those little nov things that hit ur ankle!!!

The newer KH cranks dont have nearly as much of a nub to hit your ankles, and Onza cranks are pretty nice on the ankles (yet cheaper than profiles). Im sure either would probably hold up fine.

The newer KH cranks have less of a nub. They’re more ankle ankle friendly than the older first generation KH cranks, but there is still a bit of a nub there.

One option is to get the HK hub without the KH cranks. Then get the Haro Sub-C 140 mm cranks. They have the same spline pattern as the KH cranks so they’ll fit on the KH hub. The Haro cranks have a bit of “Q” so they angle outwards which helps to keep your ankle away from the crank bolt. They’re much more ankle friendly than the KH cranks.

The Haro cranks are in the $100 to $120 range, but that includes the bottom bracket, spindle and bearings. You don’t need the bottom bracket and spindle and bearings so if you’re lucky the bike shop may be able to buy those bits back from you for a little bit.

thanks for the advice, u guys have helped out a lot, i like the haro idea a lot, could i just go to my local bike shop and order them than? or how would i aquire such items

Go to the find a dealer section of the Haro web page and you can find a bike shop near you that carries Haro. I don’t know of any online shops that have the Haro Sub-C cranks. I’m sure there are some online shops that carry Haro, but you’ll have to look around to find them.