crank sizes...

Recently, I have been experimenting with various crank sizes - 125’s, 140’s and 150mm - on a 29er.
The 125’s are fast giving a smooth spin, but I don’t have the leverage needed on steep inclines or declines.
With the 150’s I have leverage but not the speed and spin that feels comfortable. 140’s seem a good match of speed, control and leverage for this hilly area.

Anyone else have similar experience with 140’s ?

By-the-way, Although I have a few extra cranks here, the 140’s are off another one of my other unicycles and need to go back on. So, before I call UDC, anyone want to trade for a new set of 125’s (Cotterless / tapered ) ?

Did you pull the 140’s off your Schwinn 24? My original cottered Schwinn had 140’s and after riding it for years found them very versatile and very ingrained into my riding style. When I got a Miyata 24 with 125’s I felt the 125’s were really wierd.

When I built up my 29er I started with 102’s. I found them way to squirly and had to be too carefull going downhill. I put on 125’s and they felt huge. I’ve settled on 110’s for road riding on the 29er. I still have to watch my speed on steeper descents but have had no problem climbing. I have gone from 150’s to 140’s on the Coker, still not ready for 125’s on the Big One.

If 140 is most comforable and versatile for you go with that for now. But do try the 125’s more too, you’ll be surprised what you can do on “shorter” cranks as you get used to them.

Have you taken your 29er on the path from Spokane to Cour’de Alene? One of my bike buddies rides that whenever he’s in town on business.

UniBrier Wrote: When I got a Miyata 24 with 125’s I felt the 125’s were really wierd.

I’ve owned Miyata deluxes (24") and found the crank length to be fine for the wheel size. Over more than 15 year span, I have owed a few unis with 125’s and found them to be perfect - most of which was in Southern California. I think for this area 140’s would be friendlier . :slight_smile:

I haven’t taken the Centennial Trail (bike path from Spokane to Coeur d Alene), but was considering the Hiawatha trail (Montana to Idaho) in a few weeks.

for wheel sizes around 24, 26 and 28/29 (700c) 127cm is my best bet.

EDIT: on pavement.