Crank size for trials.

I am looking to get some kh cranks to use for trials on a 19inch rim (duh). So would 150 or 165 be better for pure trials.(NOTHING ELSE NOTING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING I HAVE 125’s FOR THAT) I did not feel like searching. Do not say it. If you want to don’t replay. Thanks for all those who do help.

140mm are teh bestest

I don’t think kh makes 140 I am not sure.

I believe they are 137s. Get them. Don’t get 150s or 165s. They’re way too long for such a small wheel.

Thats what I was thinking kind of, nut I wasn’t sure thanks.

I know kh makes 137s and I know they are great for trials.

165’s would be absurd. 150’s are very long as well. I ride profile 145’s (smallest they make) and they’re longer than necessary most times. Cranks this long will make it take a long time to get anywhere. Also, you will hit your pedals on the ground any time you turn sharply. You will even hit your ground on many rocks and such when you are just riding along straight. I suspect they would also make the unicycle awkward to ride. You would be able to climb ridiculous hills though. I highly recommend something in the 125-140mm range.

Edit: next time use the search.

i have soem kh profile 137s that work great for trials.