Crank Removal

Hey all!
How easily should cranks come off after the bolts that hold them on are removed? I ask because I tried t remove them from my coker and I have had no success. All help is appreciated.

Thanks, MJS

Well if you can get a crank puller then it’s easy. If you do not want to get that tool and you do not care about hurting the crank a little, you can get a piece of metal to stick through the spokes and hammer on it so the crank pops off.

A piece of wood inbetween the metal and the crank would be easier on the cranks.

Cranks should not come off by hand when the screws are removed. The easiest way is to get a crank puller from LBS.
The simplest ones like this ( shall be very cheap and make the procedure easy.

Pounding a crank off is bad for the crank/hub interface. If you don’t want to get a crank puller and don’t have a bike shop near by you can usually make do with a bearing puller (any mechanic should have one) and a washer to protect the threads on your hub.

It’s worth getting a crank puller they’re only ~15$ and they make life super easy.

Terry put together a good video

Thanks everyone, I was freaking out thinking that my canks were rusted to to my hub, but now I know that I just need the correct tooling.