Crank Removal Problems

I have a QU-AX 24" Muni with the yellow hub, and im trying to take off the cranks to rotate my tire, and to change splines. I have taken the crank bols and the pinchbolts out, but the cranks still won’t budge.

I went looking for a crank puller at two different bike shops, and neither of them had one that would work.

I don’t know what else to try but if anybody has any advice on getting them off I would greatly appreciate it.


When i removed mine, I had the exact same problem. I found out that if I put the pinch bolt back in, with only a slight amount of pressure, then it came out just fine by hand. The other one didn’t work as well, so I found a long bolt and put it where the hub bolt goes. I tightened it slightly, then I held the crank and hit the end of the bolt on some heavy, solid object. Crank came off no problem, with no scratches from any crank puller or anything.

Hey Seamus, I have the same problem with my left crank whenever I take it off. What I do ( and it’s not the best thing to do but it works) is to take a flathead screwdriver, put it in the gap where the pinch bolt goes, and apply very slight pressure and pull the crank as hard as you can. Works every time. The only thing Im not sure of is whether it has any long term effects. I think not, and if the gap increased, when the pinch bolt goes back through and it’s tight it would prevent any wiggle. Next time I’ll probably just buy a crank puller though…

the solution?
two KH 24’s, one for you and one for me.


(as far as real advice, using a screwdriver to open it up more is a good idea, so long as you’re careful. crank pullers are designed for bicycle cranks and i’d imagine it would be difficult to find one that works on your uni…
kyle and i encountered this same problem working on my onza and in the end we just managed it through sheer brute strength, so no help there, sorry…)

Yeah, you want to be really careful you don’t bend the metal by giving it too much force. Then your screwed.

A flat screwdriver in the pinchbolt gap will help loosen the crank. You can also use a bearing puller to remove the crank. sells the Evercraft bearing puller that will do the job. Auto parts stores also have a variety of similar pullers that are used to remove pulleys and gears for auto repair.

Here’s a thread with pictures of how to use the Evercraft bearing puller to remove a Profile crank. Same principle for removing a Qu-ax crank.

A bearing puller is something you’ll need eventually anyways if you have a unicycle with press on bearings (a Coker, freestyle unicycle, etc.). So you’ll eventually need the tool anyways.

When you put the cranks back on use some waterproof grease or anti-seize on the splines so the cranks will be easier to remove next time.

I tried the screwdriver thing, but with a prybar, to no avail. I don’t know why they’re so stubborn. Maybe i’ll see if i can get a bearing puller on the cheap. Thanks for the advice guys.

Try spraying penetrating oil (like WD-40) on the splines and let it sit for a day or so. The penetrating oil may free up the crank and make it easier to remove.

i’d go for the screwdriver option… although shove abit of very thin oil on it or rub some silicon grease on it and leave it for a little bit… adding some silicon grease in the gaps witha paper clip or sommit will really help it slide as soon as you’ve made it budge.

the easy way to remove the cranks from a Qu-ax is to use a bearing puller and remove the bearing and the crank at the same time . then you will need a plastic or rubber hammer and vise to put them back on. Put the bearing on and turn the unicycle over on top of the vise and hit it with a hammer and you are done. This is the way we do it at The newer Qu-ax have threads for a crank puller in them.:smiley:

Well I hope you can get them off, but when you put them on again make sure to not only put grease on but also lots of anti-sieze.

I should have mentioned this in my first post but I did put on WD40, and then Marvel’s penetrating oil, which works much better, and still no luck. I’m going to get/borrow a bearing puller soon. I think that will work.