crank questions

2 questions:

  1. On a 24" are longer cranks better for trialsey stuff?

  2. Do you need a crank puller for isis cranks(kh ones in my case)? or can you remove them by unscrewing them with an alen key?

thanks for all aswers:D

  1. I would say yes.
    2)Yes, unless you have self-extracting crank bolts. I’m not sure if the 07 KH’s come with these like the 06’s did.

Ok new question do kh isis cranks come with self-extracting bolts?

  1. Longer cranks = more control but less speed…For a 24" that your gonna use for Trials i would use 160s probly.

thats 1 & 1/2 out of 3 question answed!:smiley:

I don’t think they do,

  1. because ISIS hubs have tapered axles while other splined hubs are not tapered
    2 There is no mention of the bolts being self-extracting in the unicycle descriptions

You can remove ISIS cranks using a normal crank extractor but make sure you use the larger head on it to avoid damaging the thread inside the axle.


So if I get a kh hub i’ll need this and this then?

  1. (In my opinion) Yes
  2. They do not have a self extracter bolt.


so I will need both the tools?

Yes, but most people have Allen keys… hell I have 2 or 3 sets of Torx Wrenches…

you could always pound it off from the other side with the wood handle of a tool being hit with a hammer. works great.

and also messes it up a little more each time you do it, but not much, i did it a ton of times w/ my learner.

I’ve rarely had problems pulling of splined cranks just by hand as long as I anti-sieze them every few months or so…

oh, and yes, long cranks are probably better because they give more control, and you don’t really need speed for trials. But it’s kind of a matter of opinion.

there are hills were I live so they will be usefull for that:)

well thats all 3 questions answered unless anyone else has any other suggestions?